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The film "Bloody Thursday". Actors and roles

"Bloody Thursday" is a film by Skip Woods, which critics say resembles one of Quentin Tarantino's early works. Thriller was released in 1998. In the article we will talk about the actors of the film "Bloody Thursday".


The protagonist is Casey Wells, a drug dealer with many years of experience. At some point, he decides to get away from business, forget about his criminal past. Casey moves to Houston, changes shape and looks like an ordinary good citizen. But the past does not leave a drug dealer.

Once to him is a friend named Nick and leaves the case with unknown contents. In it, of course, drugs. One fine day, and it happens on Thursday, Casey is one after another dubious personality. All they want is one thing - get "goods". But the drugs Casey in a fit of anger destroyed. And he has no choice but to eliminate the uninvited guests. Only the last of them remains alive: the policeman Kasarov.

Bloody Thursday: actors

The role of the former drug dealer was played by Tom Jane. Mickey Rourke played a policeman in the movie "Bloody Thursday". Actor James LeGros played the role of assassin and sadist Billy Hill. This character, however, does not last long in the plot. He becomes a victim of Casey, and his lifeless body is in the garage of the main character of the movie "Bloody Thursday". Actor Aaron Eckhart played Nick - the friend of Casey, whom, by the way, the Rourke hero is straightened in a very sophisticated way. Paul Marshall played the role of the wife of the main character.

Other actors of "Bloody Thursday": Michael Jeter, Glenn Plummer, Paulina Porizkova.

Tom Jane

The main role in the film "Bloody Thursday" - actor, screenwriter and director T. Jane - was nominated three times for the Golden Globe Award. His career in cinema began in the late eighties. Fame for Tom Jane came after the films "Nemesis", "Without a Face".

Mickey Rourke

Former professional actor and nominee for the Oscar was born in 1952 in Schenectady. Acting career Mickey Rourke began in the late 90's. But the first serious role he played five years after his debut in the movie, in the movie "The Soldier Fish." And three years later the actor became a world-class star: the film "9 1/2 weeks" was released, which later became a classic. The role in this film brought Rourke the status of a sex symbol.

After a grandiose success, the actor became very selective. He was filmed only in films belonging to the category of the so-called real cinema. Moreover, each subsequent work confirmed the versatility of his talent. So, a few years after the premiere of the famous erotic melodrama, he played in the picture under the script of Charles Bukowski. In the movie "Pyan," the actor appeared in front of the audience in an unusual role for himself. Critics of this film work were highly appreciated. Mickey Rourke played in the films "Thirteen", "Courier", "Games of Passion", "Ashby" and many others.

Paulina Porizkova - model, actress, screenwriter. In "Bloody Thursday" she played Dallas. This role is the most famous in her filmography. Other films featuring this actress: "Necessary people", "Arizona dream", "Her alibi". For the role in the last Porizkov was awarded the "Golden Raspberry" anti-award.

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