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Eddie Sibrian: career, personal life

Eddie Sibrian - 44-year-old American actor, in the filmography of which many popular films and television series. Sibrian played the supporting role in the series "Sabrina - a young witch", played Cole Deschanel in the soap opera "Love and Secrets of Sunset Beach," starring in the action movie "The Logan War."

The beginning of acting career

The acting career of Sibrian began quite early - even in school years he was actively filmed in advertising. His first role on television actor performed in 1993, playing in the comedy series "Saved by the bell: Years of college."

The first permanent role in the television series Eddie Sibriand was in 1994 in the popular soap opera "Young and Bold", in which he played the part of Matt Clark until 1996. As the actor later informed, he expected the scriptwriters interesting story moves, because he wanted to stay on the show for as long as possible.

In 1996, Eddie Sibrian played in two episodes of the teenage television series "Sabrina - a Young Witch", then played a small part in "Beverly Hills: 90210".

Success on TV

In the same year, 1996, the actor successfully passed the casting and was approved for one of the main roles in the series "Nights of Malibu", and after its completion he worked on the television series "Love and Secrets of Sunset Beach". This project can not be called the most successful in the career of the actor - in six months after the launch the ratings of the series began to fall precipitously, which led to its closure in 1999.

Another notable project in Eddie Cibrican's filmography is the dramatic television series "The Third Shift," in which he played firefighter James Daugherty - an attractive, responsible guy who, oddly enough, loves his difficult job and is ready to perform it even for free. The show quickly gathered not the most extensive, but permanent audience. In total there were six seasons of the television series.

In 2005, Eddie Sibrian won a major role in the fantastic series "Invasion", the plot of which has a clear resemblance to the classic horror "The Invasion of Body Snatchers."

The actor played coach Tony Diaz in two seasons of the comedy series "Durnushka".

One of the last works of Sibrian - a detective series "Rosewood", in which the actor played Captain Ryan Slade. In total, the television series was watched by more than 3 million viewers around the world.

Career in cinema

For the first time Eddie Sibrian appeared in feature-length cinema in 1998, performing a small role in the melodrama "To the fullest." Together with him in the film played Holly Hunter and Danny De Vito.

Then followed the role in the comedy "The Unrecoverable." The film did not particularly appeal to the critics, but gained some popularity due to the candid coverage of the theme of homosexuality. Together with him in the film played Michelle Williams and Clea Duvall.

In 2005, the actor played in the first and only at the moment horror in his career - "Cave". The film narrates about a team of divers exploring mysterious abandoned caves in which sinister mutants live. The film was criticized negatively and barely paid back its budget at the box office.

In 2009 Eddie Sibrian performed the main male role in the melodrama "Northern Lights", based on the novel by popular writer Nora Roberts.

In the same year, the romantic drama "It's Easy Not to Give Up" directed by Bill Duke, in which Eddie Sibrian played the supporting role, was released. Films with this actor are not yet known to everyone and are less popular than his television projects.

Personal life

In May 2001, Eddie Sibrian married the famous model of Brandy Glanvill. The couple have two sons - Mason and Jack.

In July 2009, the couple divorced, as it became known that Eddie had an affair with Margaret Lianne Rimes, a popular singer, winner of several Grammy Awards.

In December 2010, an engagement took place between Sibrian and Rhimes, and in April of the following year, a marriage ceremony took place. The couple live in Los Angeles.

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