What can be done from chestnut at home?

It is very important for young children to learn the world around them, as well as to visit the fresh air as often as possible. Ideal for a walk will be a family trip to the park or forest belt. After such adventures the kids bring home a lot of natural materials that should not be thrown away immediately. About what can be done from chestnut at home, we will talk about this article.

The benefits of collecting natural materials

If children make crafts from chestnuts with their own hands, they develop very quickly small motor skills, and also increases the flexibility and tenacity of fingers. Such activities will help to discipline the child and bring him creative skills and a sense of beauty. Games with natural materials bring children and parents together. If there is no free time for full communication, such joint gatherings will help the child to cope with complex feelings.

Before learning what can be done from chestnut, it is worth preparing material for future crafts. For collection of fruits it is necessary to take a small plastic bag with you, and you need to choose soft, only fallen specimens. It's much easier to hole with a needle or cut with a knife.

Crafts from the chestnuts

After the fruit was brought home, they should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and dry with a towel or wipe dry to remove excess moisture. Kashtanchiki will need to be sorted by size and supplemented with other natural materials, for example, twigs, pebbles, dry berries. Also useful are matches, toothpicks, tubules for cocktails and a sharp knife. Raw fruit is perfectly cut, and the child can be entrusted by threading them on a strong thread to create amazingly beautiful beads. If the collected chestnuts managed to become firm, you can withstand their day in the water, after which you still have to hold in a wet cloth for about a day. To fasten fruits, use strong threads, fishing line, matches, toothpicks or ordinary clay. Thinking about what can be done from chestnut, most parents immediately choose complex, impressive works, such as baskets, complex figures or whole mats. For children it will be much more useful if you first try out some simple model.

What can be done from chestnut quickly?

A very simple variant will be a long caterpillar, collected from fruits of approximately equal size and decorated with details from plasticine. The child himself can string chestnuts and blind his eyes with a new toy. For kids over 4-5 years old, you can advise making a horse. This will require several prepared fruits, awls (for making holes), strong thick threads, matches or suitable twigs.

The trunk and head are made of large chestnuts, which need to be fastened together with matches or toothpicks. From the stout branches, legs are made, and the mane and tail can be cut from strong woolen threads. In the marked places they make holes with an awl and collect all the details in a nice little horse. Mane can simply be glued to not suffer with fixing each bundle of threads. In such a simple way, you can take your favorite child for half an hour or an hour, as well as learn something new.

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