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Private kindergartens of Kazan: the best

Currently in pre-school education there is a situation where it is almost impossible to wait for a place in a kindergarten. At best, it will be given when the child reaches the age of three. And what about the younger children? Parents need to go to work, because the child benefits our state pays only up to one and a half years of the child. Private preschool educational institutions come to the rescue.

Private kindergartens of Kazan

The capital of Tatarstan is at one of the leading positions in the number of such institutions. There are about a hundred of them in the city, plus those gardens that are in the nearest villages. By the way, they enjoy a certain popularity, because they are at a respectful distance from automobile and other gas exhausts. Children in this institution will be surrounded only by fresh air and professional educators.

To determine the choice, parents have to thoroughly study each private kindergarten. Kazan is a big city full of opportunities, but there you can also find poorly organized and unprofessional services.

As already mentioned above, there are about a hundred kindergartens in the city. To choose, it is necessary to read reviews of other parents, personally get acquainted with the director and educators. Only then the full picture will allow without doubt and fears to leave the child in reliable hands.

The largest popularity and wide network in Kazan have several kindergartens.

Children's club "Theme"

He has been working for more than five years and has six branches in the city. Leaders and educators of the institution promise to develop in each child an individual personality and ensure his all-round development.

Private kindergarten (Kazan) offers childcare (hourly attendance) and education services (short stay, full day). Parents confirm that in this garden they can independently choose a visit mode.

"Theme" offers its services for a monthly fee not exceeding ten thousand rubles, which is quite a bit. Other private kindergartens in Kazan have a higher price tag.


A kindergarten with such a mischievous name has a wide range of educational services to ensure that your child is perfectly prepared for school, received comprehensive development and proper socialization.

From the responses of the parents it follows that the teachers work on an independently developed program based on the skills and abilities of a single child. Its peculiarity is that it meets the needs of children and even mothers and dads themselves, and also develops national and cultural values.

Children in a private kindergarten (Kazan, Sovetskiy district, R. Zorge Street) are accepted on a flexible schedule, i.e. There is no one-off annual allocation of seats. Parents who are passionate about their careers say that the garden has an ideal work schedule - from 7 am to 9 pm. Also, they are satisfied that the maximum number of children in the group is 16, but for developing classes the group is split in half.


Private kindergartens of Kazan are often located in rented premises, but "Neposeda" is located in a large cottage-type house, fully equipped according to all requirements of GEF. Parents like it very much, and they gladly bring their children there.

In the city, the kindergarten has several branches.

A distinctive feature of this institution, as parents say, is the food system. It is five-time and is divided into groups:

  • Halal (for Muslim children);
  • Normal diet of healthy nutrition;
  • Allergen.

Parents speak about the work "Neposedy" very warmly and friendly. They note that the teachers are very attentive, sympathetic and tender. What is important for young children, who are not used to do without the society of their relatives.

Each garden has its own fenced area for walking, the rooms maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity. Moms and dads do not care for their children, because they are looked after by graduates, each institution has its own medical worker and a personal chef.


Private kindergartens of Kazan are a rather young segment in the educational sphere. "Teremok" in the market of similar services for three years. There are three branches in the city. About five hundred children were released from the walls of the garden.

According to the parents, it is known that the kindergarten is equipped only with new modern furniture, necessary household appliances and a lot of developing toys and materials. The child will be provided with a five-time balanced diet only from the best useful products, carefully selected by specialists.

A distinctive feature is that "Teremok" does not take any additional contributions upon admission, the price per month of visiting the institution is fixed and prescribed in the contract drawn up.

In addition, "Teremok" provides such a service as one free visit, so that parents and the child get better acquainted with the situation and make a final decision. At this step are only a few private kindergartens (Kazan).

Parents' reviews of this garden are exceptionally positive!

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