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The child has a protracted cough - what to do? How to cure a protracted cough in a child?

Of course, for any mother, the situation when her child is sick becomes critical. One of the unpleasant manifestations of colds is a cough. And often it is not possible to get rid of it for a long time (2-3 weeks). In this case, this symptom acquires a protracted character. And what is a cough?

Many people know that this is a protective reaction of the body, which helps to rid the respiratory tract of harmful microbes, mucus, dust particles.

Of course, for parents, the following question is always topical: "What if the child has a protracted cough?". It requires detailed analysis.

If the rhinitis and heat can be eliminated in a relatively short time, then the cough is more serious.

Unfortunately, not yet invented a medicine, which in a minute destroys all the ailments. Remember that if a child has a protracted cough, radical methods can not be used to deal with the problem, otherwise the baby can be harmed. In any case, after a relapse, mom and dad are already acquiring minimal experience in deciding whether to help the child if he coughs.

However, parents are often concerned about this question: "The child does not have a protracted cough, despite the fact that all the medicines have been tried and managed to get rid of the common cold. How can this be explained? ".

The fact is that there can be several reasons. In this case, you should immediately consult with a specialist. He absolutely will demand to hand over analyzes - it can be a crop of a sputum or a blood sampling, and on the basis of results will write out to you the prescription.

Can not get rid of a cough - contact a doctor

Remember: if a child has a protracted cough that does not last a long time, then it is in no way possible to delay with treatment. The flu-weakened body continues to attack the infection?

What does it mean? Only one thing: the disease moves to the lungs or bronchi.

Diagnostic Features

To specifically find out which microorganism was the source of the onset of a protracted cough, it should be mandatory to make an appointment with a doctor and take the necessary tests. Their results will help to correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe the right medicine. Do not self-medicate if after two weeks your child coughs. In addition to harm, such experiments will not bring anything.

Simple philistines who are thinking about how to cure a protracted cough in a child, even do not suspect what insidious infections (for example, pneumocysts) can become a source of its appearance. Often the reason for the appearance of the protective reaction we are considering is several pathogenic organisms at once. Eventually the disease gives a complication. That's why only a qualified specialist can help in this case, and not healers-lovers.


As already emphasized, the reasons for a protracted cough in the child are very diverse. One of the main ones is just not a pathogenic bacterium, but high sensitivity of cough receptors against a background of abundant sputum after ARI or influenza.

In infants, a protracted cough can be explained by the elementary penetration of food into the respiratory tract. In this case, they apply a special program to normalize the functioning of the latter.

Do not forget that before you cure a protracted cough in the child, and the adult, too, you should find a logical explanation for his appearance.

In a number of cases, fungal microorganisms penetrate the baby's body - they cause a protracted cough. Babies can easily get cytomegalovirus from their moms.

It should also be mentioned about such a dangerous illness as tuberculosis, which, in case of complications, can also provoke a prolonged cough. Foreign bodies can get into the respiratory tract - this is also a logical explanation for why the baby can not calm down for a long time. External factors, such as tobacco smoke, cat or dog hair, dust, can also cause a protracted cough. Specialists identify the causes of psychogenic nature - depression, stress, nervous tension and so on.

Methods of treatment

Today, a huge number of both children and adults with prolonged cough experience real discomfort. You want to get rid of this symptom as quickly as possible.

It should be noted that the treatment of protracted cough in children depends on a number of factors, such as the diagnosis, duration of the disease, the form of the disease (dry or wet cough) and so on.

At present, many people use non-traditional (folk) medicine to eliminate these or other diseases. To get rid of a protracted cough, they can also be used, but only as an auxiliary method of treatment. Remember that you should be diagnosed with a doctor who will recommend to you the optimal system of recovery, the requirements of which you must comply.

It is very important to understand that the above reflex reaction of the human body can not be minimized, since it provides protection, which subsequently leads to recovery. Experts also do not recommend combining in the treatment of antitussive and expectorant drugs.

Do not self-medicate

Without the help of a doctor, you can try to get rid of only an acute cough, other variations of this ailment is inexpedient to treat without considering the expert's opinion. Also, do not forget that any aggravation of the disease can be transformed into a chronic pathology.

One of the most common ways to cure a prolonged cough are physiotherapy, inhalation, homeopathic medicines and massage.

If the illness in question appeared during the acute period of acute respiratory infections, then it is possible to get rid of it if you consume honey in combination with warm milk or radish juice in combination with the same honey.


An effective way to normalize cough is by inhalation. Cook them only with the use of warm water.

It should be emphasized that too small children are contraindicated in inhalation, since there is a high probability of spasm of the respiratory tract.

If the child has an allergic reaction to medicinal plants, then the expected result will not be given.

Excellent helps to normalize the body's protective reaction to phytospora in combination with nuts, almonds and figs. As an alternative to the previous remedy, another composition can be recommended: thyme and coltsfoot. Inhalations with honey will help in a short time to eliminate phlegm, but they can not all apply, since the risk of allergy is high. In the period of treatment, experts recommend giving the baby 2-3 times a day honey combined with honeycombs.


Prolonged coughing in a child will help to eliminate mild massage procedures. Thus the child should be in a pose a head downwards. The baby should be picked up and tilted down, the older child can take this position on his own.

After this, you need to do with a slight tapping and patting in the lungs. Thus you will be able to remove phlegm from the walls of the airways.

A child should drink plenty of fluids

You should know that getting rid of a prolonged cough will be difficult if the baby's body does not have enough water. Drinking in this case is one of the effective ways to combat a non-calming cough. In this case, the liquid should be slightly warm, but in no case hot. Take care that the baby drinks as much as possible compote. Prepare to ensure that young children can be capricious. It is possible that they will have to be forced to drink.

Watch the humidity level in the room

Check the humidity level in the room. This is an important factor on which the speed of getting rid of the ailment in question depends. Consider the fact that dry air contributes to the drying up of phlegm, and then it is more difficult to be excreted from the body. To increase the humidity, place a wet cloth on the batteries or place several containers filled with water in the room.

Experts classify cough into two types: dry and wet. The first is characterized by the fact that sputum in the respiratory tract has a viscous structure and it is difficult to dilute it. A wet cough is an ailment that is accompanied by problems with the excretion of phlegm from the body.

Treatment of dry cough

Prolonged dry cough in a child can be eliminated by diluting drugs that affect the cough center.

Doctors prescribe such drugs as Butamirat, Tusuprex, Libexin. The latter drug, by the way, reduces the sensitivity of the mucosa in the lungs. Also, experts recommend buying a drug "Delsim". This remedy, as a rule, permanently removes dry cough. As an auxiliary means of treatment, experts advise using a combination of lemon juice and honey.

Treatment of wet cough

A prolonged wet cough in a child usually passes after a complex treatment. In this case, drugs of mucolytic (deducing) spectrum of action ("Carbocysteine", "Ambroxol"), inhalation with ammonium chloride or plant extracts, medicinal herbal preparations are used. And, of course, the child in the treatment of a wet cough should drink as much liquid as possible.

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