Orel province: the history of Orel province

Thanks to its location, as well as its cultural heritage, Orel province was considered not only the center, but also the heart of Russia. The creation of its main city of the Eagle is connected with the reign of Ivan the Terrible, and the formation around it of the province took place during the time of Catherine the Great.

What was represented by the province and its main city, you can learn from the article.


Orel province was part of the Russian Empire, and later of Soviet Russia. It existed from 1796 to 1928. It was located in the European part of the country, the following provinces bordered on it:

  • Kaluga, Tula, Kursk (north).
  • Kursk (south).
  • Voronezh (east).
  • Smolensk, Chernigov (west).

The area was more than forty-six kilometers square, and the population reached two million people. The main city was the Eagle.

History of the Earth

Orel province was established in the eighteenth century, but even before that, Slavs lived on these lands. The oldest inhabitants are the Vyatichi. In the eleventh century, they created the first cities to protect against the hostile tribes of Polovtsy and Pechenegs.

Until the sixteenth century, the land was subject to numerous attacks and devastation due to the Mongol-Tatar invasion, and later the dominion of Lithuania and Poland. One of the most important during this period was the Bryansk principality, located on the lands of the future province.

The history of Orel province is associated with the appearance of the city of Orel. The year of its occurrence is 1566th. From this time Orlovsky district is being formed. By the eighteenth century Orel province was part of the Kiev province, and later belonged to the Belgorod, until eventually became the administrative and territorial unit of the empire.

History of the province

In 1778, the Empress Catherine II issued a decree, which resulted in the establishment of the Orel province. Initially, it was divided into thirteen counties, although throughout history their number varied. The city of Orel became a political, religious, cultural center.

After 1917, the province lasted another eleven years, until it was abolished. By 1937 Orel region was created, which included part of the former province. The main city in the newly formed region was again the Eagle.

Orel city

Orel province, whose photo is presented in the form of historical maps, has always been associated with its central city. Founded it in 1566 (as mentioned in the Nikon Chronicle). At that time, according to the decree of Ivan the Fourth Grozny, the Eagle fortress was founded to protect the southern borders of the kingdom.

Since 1577 there was a Cossack settlement here. Cossacks lived in it. In the village there was a wooden church called Pokrovskaya.

In 1605 the city was occupied by False Dmitry the First with the army. And two years later he became the residence of False Dmitry II. A few years later the city was completely destroyed by the Poles, led by A. Lisovsky. It was restored only in 1636, as it had a special significance in protecting Russian lands from Tatar raids.

Gradually, the border of the kingdom moved to the south. Therefore, at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the fortress in Orel was abolished, having lost its defensive significance. The city began to specialize in grain trade, and also became the center of the created Orel province, which later was transformed into a province, and in modern times is an area of the Russian Federation.

The city began to develop in the nineteenth century. During this period, the road surface was laid, the city's professional fire protection was established, telegraph communication was established, banking was developed, and a water pipeline appeared. The laid railway and highway cover connected the Eagle with the lands of Ukraine, the Volga region, the Baltic states and, of course, Moscow. This allowed him to become a major transport center.

Famous people of the province

Description Orel province would not be complete without mentioning the outstanding personalities of the province. On the grounds there were many estates of noble families known in Russia. The names of such writers as Turgenev IS, Fet AA, Prishvin MM, Pisarev DI are associated with Orlovschina.

The appearance of a large number of writers, philosophers, historians on these lands with its beautiful nature, primordial folk culture and wise peasant traditions is associated.

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