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How to wash the blood off your clothes?

With the problems of spots you have to face every mistress. I must say that blood blots are among the most difficult. It is especially difficult to remove such traces from white fabrics. No matter how hard you beat, yellowness still stays.
How to wash the blood on light clothing?

First of all, it must be remembered that this is a protein substance and at high temperature it folds. If you start zastiryvat hot water, the blood particles are firmly absorbed in the fibers of the fabric and do something impossible. Therefore, soak clothes and clothes better in water at room temperature. In the basin, you can pour a little "whiteness" or add hyposulfite (you can replace it with ammonia). Suitable for this purpose and soda ash - the one that is used for washing dishes.

After a couple of hours of soaking, things can be washed by hand or placed in a car. Add a powder with bioenzymes, it copes well with stains of organic origin.

Try not to leave things for long. If the stain is fresh, there will be no problems how to remove blood from the tissue. First rinse it under a strong stream of cold water, then soak for a short while, as above and wash it in the usual way.

In the case of colored things, the question of how to wash the blood is much easier. Bleach for such fabrics does not fit, but it is not needed here. It will be enough to soak for a few hours a thing in salt water, in the proportion of 20 g per liter. Do not try to use more sodium chloride, so you will get the result directly opposite. Wait until the spot completely disappears. After that, you will only need to rinse the cloth properly.

If you have a task, how to wash the dried blood from your clothes, this method is perfectly suitable.

Cotton, linen, wool and other natural fabrics are washed easily enough. But silk is a separate conversation. How to wash the blood from this tender and delicate tissue, so as not to damage it? Here you will come to the aid of starch. Prepare the gruel, put it on the cloth and leave until it dries. Then gently remove the mixture, wash the silk in water with the addition of a liquid, and then rinse. Add a little table vinegar (spoon per liter) and the fabric will not only remain perfectly clean, but will also get a beautiful shine.

Now a little about how to wash the blood from the outer clothing. The woolen drape is perfectly cleaned with ammonia. However, before this operation and after it the stain still has to be washed under a stream of water. Note that if you are not sure about the result and are ready to take the thing to the dry cleaners, it is better not to wash it.

If the trouble happened in the country or in the hike, you can completely use the "Fairy" to remove the spots. Of inexpensive means works well soap "Antipyatnin" of Russian production.

With respect to expensive imported stain removers, from my own experience I can say that there are no problems with how to wash blood, beets, wine and ink only among girls from TV commercials. In real life, they do not always help.

For example, I did not manage to remove the stains of blood from the denim with the help of "Vanish" personally. Traces, however, became almost invisible, but, alas, the child flatly refused to wear such a thing. Driven to mind with ammonia 4% concentration. The yellow traces after that disappeared completely.

In conclusion, one more secret, how to get blood off your clothes, if you did not have time to wash the stain on time. It will require a drill and ammonia solution of 10% concentration. However, to buy these chemicals you will have to go to the hardware store. Bura there is sold under the name "Borax", it is quite suitable for our purpose. Instead of ammonia, you can take a pharmacy ammonia 4%. Then you need to add less water and more chemicals. The mixture is prepared from 2 parts of borax, 20 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia. A cotton wool soaked in a mixture wipes the stain until it becomes less noticeable. After this, the thing is erased in the usual way in water with a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.

As you can see, coping with blood stains is not so difficult. In any case, it is better not to postpone washing and cleaning in a long box. Then the chances for victory will be much greater.

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