Denim fabric: features and types

Denim fabric is made of durable cotton. Despite all the ideas about jeans, it can be quite heterogeneous. If initially the material was unchanged in density and "make-up" only with the dark blue "indigo" paint, then at the present time it can be of different density and color, composition and kind. Denim fabric almost always has additives in its composition (lycra, viscose, etc.).

There are many kinds of this tissue.

Denim is the most expensive and popular matter. It was the denim who was involved in the legendary Levi Strauss in the manufacture of trousers for gold diggers. It is made by twill interweaving of two threads: freshly dyed basic and unpainted. The main and only distinguishing feature of this material is the reverse side of such jeans is always white.

Gin is a fabric that is considered the cheapest of denim. It's cotton, painted with only one paint. From such a fabric it is customary to sew jeans pants, which are sold in clothing stores at a low price.

Broken twill - denim material with a pattern of "herringbone". Distortion in the direction of the lines of the twill makes the surface much more bold and dense.

Shambri is a relatively thin denim fabric. They use it in most cases for making light wardrobe items, such as summer shirts, sarafans, underwear. If you are in search of fabric for a dress, shambri is an excellent choice.

Stretch is a material in which, apart from cotton, elastane is added. Because of this, jeans perfectly fit the figure. It is thanks to this feature that stretch is used mainly for making women's trousers models.

Ejkru - denim material without any artificial coloring, that is, natural color. Nowadays it is this color that is very popular among jeans trousers lovers.

The quality of jeans clothes, as a rule, depends on the cotton, from which it is produced. What kind of material does jeans fabric come from?

Mexican cotton. The length of its fiber is 24 mm. It allows you to get a very high quality, almost glossy denim, without unwanted scars.

Barbados cotton. It is soft enough, shiny and strong. He is credited to the category of quality materials, but the significant disadvantage of this raw material is that it is too difficult to cultivate and assemble. That's why in the current clothing market share of jeans from this fabric is only 7%.

Zimbabwean cotton - cotton of excellent quality, which also has a fairly low price.

Asian and Indian cotton are obviously the most widely used type of cotton. Almost half of the world denim fabric is made of this material. Its composition is a fiber of considerable length, which is often called short-stem.

Thus, jeans fabric is very diverse both in its composition and in appearance. Probably, it is this variety that determined the frenzied popularity of jeans clothes. After all, there are hardly any things that are more practical, convenient, familiar and fashionable than jeans.

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