How to optimize the volume of production in high-tech sectors of the Russian economy

The problem of the raw material orientation of the country's economy is one of the most important tasks in its entire structural restructuring. At the same time, it is already obvious that this system is ineffective, because even in comparison with other commodity economies, Russia will be on the 14th place in terms of oil production per capita, among the 14 countries with the largest volumes of production. In other words, the existing system of investment not only does not allow increasing output, using untapped volumes of human capital, but does not create prerequisites for its increase. This is also one of the features of the Russian market of high-tech products, which does not allow to determine the optimal volume of production in industry in the whole country.

The experts carried out a research aimed at revealing the real volume of production in the innovation profile sectors, the innovative activity of enterprises in the high-tech market of the Russian Federation. Among other things, it was established that in modern conditions high-tech companies operate on six types of markets:

• External market of low-tech products;

• domestic market of low-tech products;

• external market of high-tech military products;

• domestic market of high-tech military products;

• external market of high-tech civilian products;

• domestic market of high-tech civilian products.

It is the internal market of high-tech civil products that is currently in deep depression and is least promising due to structural distortions, a general decline in the technical level of production, and the use of elementary technological chains. As a result - a small amount of production in a dynamic proportion to other industries. There are examples of non-market competition that are manifested in the elements of protectionism on the one hand and the unfair activity of counterparties on the other hand. In other words, at this stage of development, unclaimed high technologies in international markets will not be able to develop only at the expense of domestic demand.

One of the current trends in the high-tech market of Russia at the moment is the gravitation of domestic companies to enter international markets. This trend has developed not suddenly, but for quite legitimate reasons. The critical factor affecting their production volume, the competitiveness of a high-tech company, is time. Since the life cycle of an innovative product is extremely small and is 3-5 years, then an endless research and innovation activity is required . Its goal should be the emergence of products and technologies that have consumer properties, while the speed of development is important. This process entails large volumes of financial injections, the need for which pushes most successful high-tech companies to international markets, because The total volume of production in the economy, incomes received in national markets are not able to fully ensure the sustainable development of a high-tech company.

Russia is not an exception to this general trend. Reduction of government spending on science and technology, "brain drain", a decline in educational level and many other factors create the preconditions for high-tech companies to enter international markets in search of their consumers. Moreover, according to experts, the main content of preserving the scientific and technological potential and increasing the export capabilities of Russia can only be the development and further strengthening of the base of high technologies.

Formation and development of the high-tech market of the Russian Federation, as an integral process of transition to an innovative economy, is subject to a number of conditions and consequences of this transition. The socio-economic transformation taking place in the society as a result of the ongoing reforms will determine the transition to an innovative economy as an important evolutionary step forward. Regulation of the developing high-tech market by the executive and legislative branches of state power has made a huge contribution to creating the prerequisites for further growth of this market.

At the moment, it is of fundamental importance to understand and determine the extent to which the government takes part in this process, as a guarantor of the stability of the ongoing processes and the private sector (business, scientists, private investors and many others). Increasing competition in the national market with simultaneous access to international markets will allow the active dissemination of domestic technologies and expand the boundaries of the presence of domestic innovations. The capacity of the world high-tech market allows us to optimistically assess the chances of the Russian Federation to minimize the dependence of the new economic model on market fluctuations in prices of natural resources.

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