Antistatic for hair

Surely many girls have faced such a problem as electrified hair. Especially it often occurs in the winter, when the hair becomes more dry and thin. Why does this happen? Your hair is constantly rubbing against each other, especially if they are under the headdress, resulting in static electricity. Plus the lack of vitamins in winter, the temperature drops, the place of residence (some corners of our planet in principle have a very strong static field) and shoes (some shoes have a sole that does not conduct electric current, it accumulates on the body and hair). Because of all this, hair from any touch "stand on end".

To prevent such embarrassment, modern cosmetic lines produce a special tool - antistatic for hair - which reduces the amount of static electricity in the hair. These remedies are in the form of thermal wet sprays or in addition to the composition of fixing varnishes or hair waxes. Also they basically have the property of balm - they facilitate combing, soften and radiate, but unfortunately, their antistatic effect is short-lived. You can make an antistatic with your own hands, resorting to proven grandmother methods. In addition, there are several rules that will help hair to be obedient and not stand on end.

You should try to use the hair dryer less often - as is known, after its frequent application, the hair becomes dry, and this is the first sign of static electricity accumulation. If this is not possible, use a hairdryer with an ionizer and be sure to take care of special balms, foams or oils that will moisturize the hair structure, thus acting as an antistatic for the hair.

It is better to use combs with natural bristles or special brushes, which are produced by many famous manufacturers of hair products.

It is also necessary to increase the humidity level in the apartment. To maintain the correct balance of air humidity in the house will help a special humidifier. Lowering the dryness of the air, you thereby, eliminate the static adhesion of hair.

As often as possible, wipe your hair dry with a special dry napkin. This antistatic for hair is also designed to maximally eliminate the possibility of the appearance of static. Napkins-antistatic wipe well and the hair itself, they are impregnated with nothing and will not cause harm.

Be sure to check the shampoo with which you wash your hair. Make sure that you use your own, suitable for your hair type cosmetic. Shampoo should not dry the top layer of the scalp, because part of the skin fat is involved in the process of protection from drying hair. Proper care of the scalp will replace you the best antistatic for hair.

To hair less electrified, it is recommended to abandon the means combining shampoo and conditioner (the so-called 2 in 1) in one bottle. In this case, it is better to use a high-quality conditioner or a balm after washing. Once or twice a week, spoil yourself with nutritious and moisturizing hair masks. And in any case it is not recommended to wash the head with too hot water. After all the procedures, you should rinse your hair with cool water.

If possible, use thermal water for hair, if possible, moisten your hair.

From folk remedies that make it possible to make antistatic at home, lavender, eucalyptus and rose oil are popular . If you drip a couple of drops of one of these oils, the hair will not only be spared from excessive statics, but will also get a well-groomed look, healthy shine and a delicate aroma.

Every time before leaving the house, apply hair care mousses, varnishes or gels to hair, which have antistatic ingredients.

Buy shoes with soles of natural materials to avoid the accumulation of electricity on the body and hair.

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