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How does weight gain during pregnancy last for weeks?

When pregnancy sets in, significant changes begin to occur in the body. It is clear, because now he must work with double force. The subcutaneous fat layer increases. It acts as a kind of reservoir for preserving water, nutrients and vitamins, which are required for the development of the baby. But this is by no means the only factor that affects weight gain during pregnancy by week. Let's talk about this in more detail.

When pregnancy comes, weight is gained for several reasons:

- the fetus's egg grows;

- the placenta develops;

- the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer is increased;

- there are more mammary glands;

- more mass and size of the uterus will be established.

The weight gain during pregnancy for weeks is also affected by:

- The age. The more age a woman has, the more weight she will gain;

- well-being. If in the early period there is a strong toxicosis and vomiting, then a woman can lose weight, and on the last terms, the weight on the contrary quickly increases;

- Multiple fetuses. It is clear that if the kids are two, then they will weigh more;

- pathology during pregnancy, for example, polyhydramnios.

There are certain standards that limit weight gain during pregnancy by week. Weight gain in pregnant women is strictly individual for each. That is, it is obvious that full women and very slim, large and miniature will recover in different ways. Therefore, the amount of weight gain during pregnancy is assessed by a special table, supported by the body mass index.

Most women are wondering how to not gain weight during pregnancy? The answer is simple. It is required to eat properly, so as not to gain a lot, and the child lacked vitamins. It also happens that if the weight gain during pregnancy is very large, then the birth can be complicated. Therefore, sometimes doctors advise a little to lose weight, and they say how not to gain weight during pregnancy.

It also happens that during pregnancy, very little weight is gained on the contrary. This is dangerous, especially because the child will receive very few nutrients, and he will start to lag behind in his development.

It is far from a secret that each of the past and future days of development inside the mother's tummy for the baby is very important, and any delay in development bad enough can affect health.

Too much weight gain during pregnancy for weeks is also a danger. And what? Very often, it is caused by a large amount of water and swelling during pregnancy. Such states do not represent anything good. If such symptoms are manifested, the woman is hospitalized to make a corrective decision.

If both small and big weight are so dangerous during pregnancy, what is ideal? Weight gain should be gradual, smooth, but not abruptly. With such a set, the pregnancy will proceed well and without problems, and the future baby will develop normally, and also receive all the required vitamins from the mother.

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