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Why is Lugol pregnant?

Lugol - a preparation of iodine and calcium iodide, dissolved in glycerin. A solution of this drug is used as an external remedy, for example, for lubricating the larynx and pharyngeal mucosa in otolaryngology. Usually it affects the functions of the thyroid gland, the exchange of lipids and proteins (in principle, like all iodine-containing drugs). Iodine is an antiseptic agent associated with a protein that is part of the bacteria that make it coagulate, causing many microorganisms to die.

Lugol is used in the treatment of colds. In this application, iodine, which is part of the drug, effectively acts on the upper layer of the laryngeal epithelium, which usually slushes with bacteria that have fallen on it. As a result of the sloughing off of bacteria with epithelium, symptoms such as perspiration in the throat appear in a person , so it is also possible to determine the onset of the disease mono.

Contraindications for the use of Lugol.

But the drug lugol also has contraindications, this includes the disease of "dry" inflammation. And if you apply it with this disease, you can only add yourself unpleasant sensations in the throat. From this it can be concluded that the lyugol is useful only for so-called "wet" laryngeal inflammation. Only in this case the remedy will reduce irritation and dry the throat.

There are also classic contraindications, they are the increased sensitivity of the body to iodine and pregnancy. If you apply the drug Lugol with increased sensitivity to iodine, it can cause a phenomenon of iodine, accompanied by rhinitis, urticaria, Quincke edema, increased salivation. In this case, you need to call an ambulance urgently, then cause a person to vomit, and do a lavage of the stomach.

Pregnant and drug.

Lugol during pregnancy by doctors is not recommended, as well as during breastfeeding. Fears of doctors are directly related to a possible overdose of iodine or its intolerance. But in some cases, with careful examination and carrying out several tests, lyugol during pregnancy is still prescribed. But it is strongly recommended not to use Lugol's solution during pregnancy without a doctor's recommendation and carefully investigating the detection of potential risk.

Lugol during pregnancy is appointed by a doctor, in case the mother bearing a fetus has a pronounced iodine deficiency. If there is no such need, and the pregnant woman has made a decision to use the drug during pregnancy, this can cause a negative impact on the condition and further development of the fetus.

Doctors often warn that lugol during pregnancy is strictly for external use, and when treating the larynx, the solution should not be swallowed but spit.

In addition to Lugol's solution, there is also a spray, which went on sale since 2009. Lugol in the spray has a lot of pluses before the solution. When you use it, you do not need a cotton bud, outside help, and you will not get dirty clothes. Thanks to several pressing of the spray head, the throat without any unpleasant sensations will be completely processed. Another plus of the spray is that it allows you to more accurately dose the drug.

With regard to the appointment of the drug lugol-spray during pregnancy, in this case, such a dispensing of the medicine will most likely help a woman not get an overdose. Lugol spray is used for inflammatory infectious diseases of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and oral cavity, both in children and adults. Usually the composition of 1 milligram of the drug includes: 12.5 mg of active ingredient iodine, 37.5 mg of purified water, 85% of glycerol, which in milligrams is 1175 and 25 mg of potassium iodide.

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