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Wormwood from fleas is a time-tested remedy!

As you know, fleas are not only found in dirty areas. The reasons for which they appear in our homes and apartments are many. In addition, fleas - this is a real headache for all owners of domestic cats and dogs! But it's not about that. Within the framework of this article, we will tell you about one unique folk method of combating these parasites and learn how much wormwood helps fleas.

Checked by time!

Since the earliest times, when people had no idea how to take parasites out of their homes, they used simple tools. Among them, wormwood. Fleas are the most reliable means! Therefore, in the house of any peasant it was possible to observe brooms made of wormwood hung under the ceiling. By the way, "flavors" of this plant not only frighten fleas, but also are an excellent repellent from ticks, domestic moths and cockroaches.

How to deal with fleas with wormwood?

Method one, lightweight

Before you use wormwood from fleas, in the house or apartment you need to do a wet cleaning, placing under the mattresses and under all pillows small bouquets of this healing herb. Change the wormwood to fresh until the parasites leave your home.

Method two, complicated

Wormwood from fleas is an extremely unique repeller! Her hateful smell makes the parasites with bulging eyes run away from your house! We recommend that you wash the floors at home with a decoction of wormwood. To do this, take two large spoons of leaves and fill them with two glasses of steep boiling water. We insist about a quarter of an hour (and can be half an hour). Then merge the resulting broth, dissolving in it half of the laundry soap, which is known for its repellent properties in relation to one or another parasite. The resulting mixture is poured into a bucket of warm water and conduct a thorough wet cleaning.

Do not be lazy to wet the floors thoroughly in the house, especially in crevices, on skirting boards. After the cleaning is over, put wormwood from fleas under the mat of the front door, under the sofas and beds.

To help your pet!

For each of us who keep a pet in their house, the presence of fleas in the apartment is the real problem. Of course, you can buy special chemicals against parasites such as shampoos and collars for animals. But you can go the easy way and drive out the fleas by proven folk remedies! How to do it?

All the same decoction of wormwood from fleas - it's just a wonderful tool that allows you to protect your pet from these parasites. We need to prepare a traditional remedy: take a tablespoon of herbs and pour steep boiling water. We give a little brew, and then rub into the coat of a domestic cat or dog.

In addition, the plant can be put under the pet's mat. Believe, your pet will thank you!

Miracle Grass

Wonder wormwood is truly a magical tool in the fight against fleas! It is especially good for urban residents. For example, many neglected houses of large megacities (for example, Moscow) are literally swarming with fleas, bedbugs and other filth that successfully reproduces in basements. To cope with these problems will help just wormwood.

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