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Curtains for the kitchen: choose fabric, design, color

Kitchen - a place designed for cooking, which often serves as a kind of mess hall. The owners always strive to make the interior of this room comfortable and attractive. Surprisingly, it is easiest to create a cosiness in the kitchen with the help of beautiful curtains - it is the window that primarily attracts the attention of those who are in the room. Beautifully designed curtains for the kitchen can create a good mood, increase efficiency, add a little bit of a holiday to everyday life.

How to choose the right fabric

To the quality of the fabric, from which the curtains will be sewn, one should take seriously. The first thing to consider is that curtains for the kitchen are made of a fabric that is not afraid of contamination, is not prone to burnout and to color loss when washing. It makes sense to pay attention to modern materials, impregnated with special means with a dirt repellent effect. A good option is the use of flax with the addition of synthetics, you can also use polyester or viscose.

What color should have curtains for the kitchen

The choice of color should be carried out taking into account the design, the color of furniture and the decoration of the walls. The simplest option is to choose a shade that matches the color of the furniture or wallpaper. But, having a design flair and imagination, you can create curtains that will perfectly complement the interior not only with color, but also with your style, pattern, texture.

In a modern apartment, the size of the kitchen is usually very limited, this must be taken into account when choosing the color of the fabric. Light curtains for the kitchen visually slightly increase its area, will give a sense of light. For a small room, it is recommended to choose drapes that match the color of the walls in color. As for the picture, the best thing is a large cage, a strip or flowers, and plain fabrics look good too. It is undesirable to use white color in its pure form, it is better to soften it with coffee shades, pink, beige.

Curtains for the kitchen, the walls of which are covered with bright wallpaper with a pattern, you should choose a neutral color, monochrome. Bright or patterned fabrics can be used for monochrome walls.

Curtains design for kitchen

Style curtains should be chosen depending on whether you need to protect the room from bright sunlight, for residents of the first floors also important protection from prying eyes. Well handle such problems roller blinds, blinds, vertical and horizontal, dense curtain fabrics.

How long should the curtains for the kitchen

Of course, long curtains look more attractive and noble. But the specifics of the room, the need for frequent cleaning dictate its rules - it is desirable that the length of the curtains is at the level of the window sill (above / below 15 cm). This will make it possible to use the space of the window opening rationally.

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony can consist of panels of different length: the window will overlap the strip shorter, the balcony door is long. In the event that the space in front of the window is not occupied in any way, you should hang long (in the floor) curtains on the balcony door and the window.


The curtains for the kitchen look good, skillfully supplemented with various accessories, such as pick-ups, small decorative ornaments, especially thematic (for the New Year, Christmas, Easter, Trinity). Particularly festive appearance has a room in which the table is covered with a tablecloth made of the same material as the curtains.

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