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Laurel leaf from cockroaches: how to use

The human habitation is very attractive for cockroaches. Usually in houses there are two kinds of these insects, they are black or red. The main habitats are under the baseboards or in the slots. They are very fond of secluded nooks, darkness and water. That is why the bathroom or kitchen becomes their usual habitat. Food for them is always abound. The crumbs that fell behind the stove, croup or sugar, hammered into the crevice, is a real feast for little invaders. They can eat with fruits and meat, bread or other products. However, they survive even in an empty dwelling, their body digests paper and wood. Today we will talk about how to protect your house from uninvited guests. In particular, simple and effective methods, such as a bay leaf from cockroaches, are of interest.

Measures to protect your home

These insects not only annoy their presence. Cockroaches can be carriers of infectious diseases, spoil food and electrical appliances, which create a mink. For their movement, fit any slots, ventilation shafts and plinths. So that they do not get you started, maintain the ideal cleanliness in your home. Be sure to remove the crumbs, throw away the leftovers of food, put out the garbage in time. The usual bay leaf from cockroaches helps very well. Below we will look at how this fragrant seasoning will help you clean the house.

But that is not all. The fewer cracks and holes that are suitable for life and reproduction of insects, the cleaner your home will be. Therefore, repair to help you. Be sure to seal all cracks and crevices around the heating and sewerage systems. Do not bypass the ventilation holes. They should be tightened with a fine mesh, and inside pour a bay leaf from the cockroaches. So protection will be much more reliable.

Unique properties of laurushki

What convenience, so it is that it is in any kitchen. Seasoning is inexpensive, but it takes a bag for a long time. At the same time, laurel is one of the universal means used in various fields. First of all - it's cooking, the second - folk medicine. However, you can use bay leaf from cockroaches. A repellent property for various insects allowed him to gain popularity. It is enough to perform the procedure once and you will forget about harmful insects for a long time.

The advantages of laurel

Why can not I go to a specialized store and buy a drug against insects? They are relatively inexpensive and designed exclusively for cleaning kitchen from invaders. However, many prefer to use the laurel leaf from cockroaches. The reviews emphasize that he has a number of advantages, which are the basis of choice.

  • First of all, this is nontoxicity. If you have children, this is a very important point.
  • Ease of use.
  • High efficiency.
  • Long term.
  • Affordable price.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to try. At the same time, the efficiency of use is confirmed in practice.

Technique of application

A bay leaf against cockroaches can be used even by a child. The insect scares off a peculiar smell, for which we put fragrant leaves in soup or other dishes. It's not even in the laurel itself, but in the special essential oils that make up its composition. The effectiveness of this tool directly depends on how it is used. There are certain rules that need to be followed. At the same time, if you violate the recommendations of specialists, you may have to repeat everything anew.

Acting for sure

Cockroaches are afraid of bay leaf, so the more it is in your apartment, the less insects in it. In this case, the owners of the house smell almost do not feel. For the tool to work for certain, it is necessary that the following conditions are met:

  • The trap will not act endlessly. The stronger the smell, the better its effect. The maximum period of protection is one year. However, it is desirable to change laurel leaves more often.
  • Grind the leaves is not worth it. Of course, so they smell stronger, but the effect will be lost literally in a matter of days. Therefore, it is best if they are whole, on a branch.
  • When the apartment is well ventilated, then the leaves need to be changed more often. In the open air, essential oils volatilize faster.

An analogue is a tincture or a strong broth of laurel. Prepare it can be done in advance, and then spray all corners with a spray.

Is a habit developed?

Reasonable question. Many doubt whether the bay leaf helps with cockroaches. And even those who admit the effectiveness of this tool, stress that these insects adapt to anything. Most drugs lose their effectiveness after several receptions. Cockroaches are so tenacious that producers simply can not create a means that will end them once and for all.

There is one nuance here. These creatures adapt to various means that are designed to kill them. Therefore, the body of ancient insects begins to change in such a way that these substances no longer harm it. Laurels just scare away the cockroaches, and they go to their neighbors. After a while they will certainly try to return, but if the traps are in their places, they will not be able to do it again. Are cockroaches afraid of bay leaves? Let's just say, live next to the place where the fragrant seasoning is, they will not.

Alternative method

Many are interested in the first place, as far as there is enough deterrent action. The answer to the question is how to apply the bay leaf from cockroaches, how to use its hidden capabilities. We have already described two ways, but this is not all. If the insects made a massive attack on your house and managed to bring the young in nooks, then you need to place traps with a smoldering laurel. To do this, just take a metal or glass stand, put the twigs on them and set them on fire.

As soon as the leaf flames up, it must be damped to smolder and emit smoke. Such a flavor will not exactly taste cockroaches. In order to clean the room, you need a good bunch of leaves, and be sure to close the doors and windows. To further enhance the effect, additionally use naphthalene and mint, but the smell of the first can scare the residents themselves, so here the main thing is to know the measure.

additional information

Judging by the opinions of many people, the most effective method of getting rid of cockroaches is precisely the ignition of the bay leaf. The process of decay not only frees essential oils, but also gives accreted substances acceleration. But if you immediately burn the leaves, then there will be no effect. Aromatic oils are destroyed, and the trap is wasted.

The fumigation procedure is not one-time. To get a good result, you need to produce it for several days in a row. And, of course, there should not be an influx of fresh air, close the windows tightly.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Bay leaf does not kill cockroaches. Of course, they will deploy their paws away from your apartment, but within a few days the scout will again try to slip a curious mustache into the crack. If the smell of traps holds, then it will give temporary peace. But he should weaken - and the others will rush after the scout.

However, on the other hand, the bay leaf can be used for as long as desired. It does not hurt children and pets who try to taste everything that they find. And that the effect does not weaken, it's enough to check your traps once a month.

Instead of concluding

If you find uninvited guests in the kitchen, or just want to do preventive treatment, you do not need to go to the store and buy chemical products. It is enough to print out a fresh bag of laurel and spread it over the secluded corners of the kitchen. Any of the listed methods of use is quite effective, so you can choose one that you find most convenient.

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