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Pop, like a nut. How to pump up the gluteal muscles?

Round and fit pop is the dream of most girls. Some have such superiority from nature, and the metabolism is such that one can eat candy at night and still the buttocks have an amazing form, do not spread out and are not added in volumes. But such units, mostly girls, have to work long and hard on their bodies to fascinate men with attractive forms. Today we are interested in the priest, like a nut. Whether each of us can pump up to itself such, or physiological features too it is necessary to consider? And what technique will give the most result?

Is everyone allowed to be the owners of the Brazilian ass?

This is a rather difficult question, especially because it is the best excuse for our shirking from classes in the gym. Why torture yourself, I still have a wide bone, the structure of the pelvis is, heredity, and now you sit down in front of the TV with a sense of accomplishment, and the priest, like a nut, remains only an unattainable dream. In fact, the shape of the buttocks differs in all, but an experienced coach can help very well to correct the situation. Individual approach and regular exercise will do their job. Despite the composition and age, your buttocks will begin to change rapidly, and as a result, you will definitely have a priest, like a nut.

Why rock the ass

Indeed, many of you may ask, why do I need a priest, like a nut? To please the eyes of men? Not only: the pumped buttocks have a lot of merits, and we will now talk about them. When the gluteus maximus is in its tonus, it is much easier to keep the posture. This is because this muscle straightens and fixes the trunk. In addition, priests like a nut (photo we will necessarily mention below) help to play sports. This large group of muscles makes you stronger, and any active games will become easy entertainment for you. The developed gluteal muscle reduces the risk of pain in the back and lower back.

Fundamental rules

First of all, we must remember that our body is a single organism, therefore, physical development must be complex. If all muscle groups are worked out - the body looks more harmonious. If you want to work only on the gluteal muscles, then do not forget to make a warm-up first, prepare the muscles for the load. If you do not have money and time for a gym and a personal trainer, then you can do it at home by downloading video instructions with the participation of professional fitness trainers.

A little more patience, and we turn to the main topic: pop, like a nut. How to make it such, we will try to consider as much as possible. But there is one more important rule that must be observed. This is the right food. The combination of sport and rational nutrition should become the foundation of your life. Eliminate fast food and abandon bad habits. The basis of nutrition should be fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and cereals, meat and fish. As a result, you will get a result that you can only dream about. It is not only beautiful buttocks, but also an even complexion, good health, normalization of sleep, improvement of general condition.

A small test

If you are thinking about how to pump the ass like a nut, then you are unhappy with its forms. But this can be due to a variety of factors. Women tend to exaggerate their shortcomings, and an extra kilogram of weight is already considered a tragedy, finding yourself in the folds of fat, even if everyone else thinks you are perfect. Do a short test. Take an ordinary pencil and place it under the buttock. If the pencil is delayed, then your priest needs to be worked on. Similarly, you can check your chest. Now it is extremely important to think through a set of exercises, since any distortion of the technique of performance reduces its effectiveness or even forces completely different muscle groups.

Let's move on to the exercises

So, we set ourselves the goal that by the spring (birthday, wedding) we had a priest, like a nut. It can be pumped through only by diligently performing physical exercises, since otherwise the strong muscle will remain untreated. Focusing on it, do not forget that the strain to which it is subjected should constantly increase. This can be done in two ways. In the first you need to increase weight, in the second - time under load. Muscles will grow and develop only if they have to constantly adapt to new stimuli. However, do not forget that you can achieve a three-dimensional bulge by only using other muscle groups : the quadriceps muscle of the hip, the back and the press. So the buttocks will get a beautiful "edging" from above and below.

Beginning with the classics

What kind of exercises come to your mind when you hear the phrase "pop like a nut"? How to pump up the ass, we will now talk in more detail. So, of course, it's squats. It would seem that everything is simple, but there are subtleties that you need to know and observe. First of all, forget about all variants of half-squats. To pump the buttocks, you have to squat in full amplitude. Do not be lazy, keep your back straight, spread your knees, breathe in your nose when you sit down, and exhale with your mouth when you get up. Full amplitude, then, to sit down on the technique of "pop into the floor." That is, the exercise is not at all simple, but it works without fail. Perform three approaches, a minimum of 20 times. It is very good to use a barbell, this will increase efficiency.

Variability of squats

After you begin to calmly follow all the approaches and feel that there is still strength for something, move on to alternating approaches. Squats with closed legs perfectly tighten the back of the thigh, and if you spread your legs and spread socks, you get a sumo exercise that works great on the inside of the thigh. Do squats not less than 10 times, in several approaches. So you complete the cycle of squats and get not only a great ass, but also a beautiful hip shape that will emphasize the perfection of the buttocks.


If you want to have a priest like a nut, the exercises called "squat squats" are your best friends. To perform them correctly, you need to master a few points. It is necessary to go deep down and take a good step. Ensure that the knee in the lunge position forms a strictly right angle. It is necessary to perform 3 approaches a minimum of 10 times. Again, when you have mastered this exercise, you can perform it with a barbell or dumbbells, and also add flies to the attacks. Squat on your left leg, and on the rise do a swing right.


There are legends about this exercise, it is not only very useful, but also beautiful. In the conditions of a sports hall it is possible to do it on a special simulator or leaning over a goat. At home - just lying on the floor, and it turns out not in the least worse. In the first variant, fix the legs (the partner who will hold them will do, or any home furniture). Now, do body lifts with your arms crossed behind your head. Three approaches 10 times. The second option is to find something to hold hands with and raise your legs. You can combine both exercises, and you get a classic "boat".

Approach to the platform

We all know how useful it is to walk the stairs. If you do not want to leave the apartment and run around the floors, then this exercise will come in handy. In the gym there is a special platform, which is adjustable in height. At the same time, the higher the step, the greater the load on the buttocks. At home you can try to find a suitable bench, build a dais from improvised materials or use furniture elements. It's important to keep your back. Can be performed with dumbbells or a barbell. Three approaches 10-15 times.

Makhi feet

Fantastically simple and effective exercise. Take a chair and, holding on to his back, do the mahi. 10-20 times forward and backward, right and left. You do not need to wave too fast, on the contrary, the slower you work out each swing, the better you will feel how the muscle works. To finish the training is very good simple, but very good exercise. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees. Now raise the ass as high as possible, and then lower it. Do not forget to stretch the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible. We start to execute 20 times and gradually reach 100.

Do these exercises 2-3 times a week, for twenty to thirty minutes. As a result, after a month you will see how the priest has changed greatly, rounded and pulled himself up. Most importantly - do not throw a workout, and as a result you will have the most beautiful priest - like a nut.

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