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Exercises for the hips: cellulite and flabbiness - fight!

Our life, no doubt, is extremely unjust. If you just relax for a couple of days, allow yourself to sleep a little longer than usual, or sit down on a roll more than was allowed before, as the body begins to dictate its own rules. Even surprisingly, how quickly it starts to be lazy and overgrown with fat. Each kilogram of excess weight invariably appears on the hips, and the skin becomes flabby and loose, predisposed to cellulite.

That's why the correctly chosen exercises are so important, which if they do not cope with all the problems, at least they will remove excess weight from their feet and return the former grace and ease of gait. In addition, effective exercises for the hips in a complex with constant activity, frequent walks or at least morning exercise, can save weight, as well as normalize blood circulation and muscle activity of the entire musculoskeletal system, improve metabolism and oxygen in tissues, Strengthen the respiratory system.

In order to successfully fight cellulite and the problem of limping muscles does not necessarily go to the gym. The simplest exercises for the hips each person can do at home - if, of course, he can allocate a bit of his precious time for this exercise and force himself not to shirk.

Exercise number 1: the starting position - on a hard flat surface, lying on the back. Hands must be hidden under the buttocks or thrown behind the back. The action is to squeeze the legs and, holding together, slowly raise it upward, without taking the case off the floor. At the upper point of the foot, it is necessary to dissolve several races and again reduce, trying not to lower them. Repeat the movement must be 8-10 times, even if you do not have enough strength, because the benefits of this exercise for the hips and buttocks can not be overestimated.

Exercise number 2: the starting position - the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders, in the hands - the stick for balance. Action - holding a stick in extended arms in front of him at the chest level, it is necessary to raise the left leg, bend at the knee and slowly take it back. Next, you need to slowly ascend "on the toes" of your right foot and stay for 5-7 seconds. After this time, you can return to the starting position, then repeat the same manipulations, changing your legs. Like many similar exercises for the hips, this must be repeated until enough strength is given, but not less than 10 times for each leg.

Exercise number 3: the starting position - on the knees, on a level surface (on the floor), straightening the feet, with the hands lowered at the seams. Action - sit on the floor to the right of the feet, while rejecting the whole body in the opposite direction, and hands pulling forward. Further - all the same, only in the other direction. It is necessary to try to carry out this exercise in each direction 9-10 times, although in the first stages of training it can be very difficult.

Exercise 4: the starting position - on the left side, lying, with the head resting on the arm bent at the elbow. Be sure to make sure that your legs are straight, and the body does not swing during forward or backward movements. Action - slowly raise as high as possible the straight right leg, return it to its original position. Repeat 15-16 times, then roll over to the other side and do the same with the left foot. Such exercises for the hips may seem simple enough, but after a while after their implementation you can feel such fatigue as after serious stress.

Exercise number 5: the starting position - the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders, hands are stretched out in front of him. The action is to make an attack on the left leg, squatting as deep as it will, keeping balance, straight body and hands in the initial state. Fixing the position, you can slowly rise, gradually turning into an attack on the right leg. In order for such exercises for the hips (the same movements, but the attacks are made alternately from the left or the right foot forward), it is necessary to repeat them 9-10 times on each leg.

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