How to restore trust after betrayal?

When one of the partners finds out that they have changed it, this understanding is similar to an exploding bomb. Treason destroys trust, a deceived partner thinks that it is impossible to restore him. But life shows that it is possible to regain trust after treason, and many couples are really capable of doing this. They not only restore relations, but they can create an even stronger bond.

But, in order to restore trust, the partner who changed, should take a few steps.

Recognition and repentance

The trader must not only admit that he did wrong, but express genuine repentance. If they betrayed you, the spouse should understand that, for whatever reason, he should not have sought emotional or physical intimacy outside of marriage, and that he violated the obligations that he took over at the wedding (unless the couple agreed to a relationship without Liabilities).

Getting Rid of Pain Caused

A partner should be prepared to speak openly and truly hear what you had to endure when you became aware of treason. It's about feelings of resentment, betrayal, sadness and anger. But you also need to prepare for a conversation about your feelings.

You will have to explain how you managed to survive the betrayal and how it affected you. But if your spouse is guilty, he should help you get rid of this pain, even if it's unpleasant to talk about it.

At this point, you must be open to healing. This means that you do not need to seek retribution. It is better to accept an apology and care from your partner. If the betrayed partner really experiences and repents of what he did, you should try to moderate his anger and after some time calm down. Only then, the marriage, perhaps, will begin to move in a more positive direction.

Healing Relationships

The hope of healing the marriage will appear only after you successfully pass these two steps. It will also be useful to assess what your marriage was before treason. Perhaps you had problems, which led to the fact that one of the partners began to seek understanding on the side.

If you talk about this, and recognize the role of everyone in these problems, you can understand each other, perhaps even better than it was before treason. In addition, it is important to analyze the problems that are in your marriage now.

At the wedding, you both took responsibility for your marriage, so you must work together to improve your communication and take care of each other every day. This, unfortunately, will not change the past and will not relieve the pain caused by betrayal, but such an approach will help you together create a better future for your family.

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