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Gore Martin: Biography and Creativity

Today we will tell you who Martin Gore is. His songs are known all over the world. It's about the British composer, singer, guitarist, keyboard player and DJ. He is the soloist of Depeche Mode. Participates in the group since 1980, from the moment of its foundation. Our hero wrote the vast majority of compositions for the band. He also cooperates with Vince Clarke. Together they formed a techno-tech called VCMG. In 1999, as part of the Ivor Novello Awards ceremony, the musician received the "International Achievement" award.

Childhood and youth

Gore Martin was born in 1961, July 23, in Dagenema - a London suburb. After the appearance of the children, the family went to Basildon. Therefore, the childhood of our hero, as well as his younger sisters Jacqueline and Karen, was held in the house, whose address is: Shepshall, 16. Father David and the grandfather of the future musician worked in the production of Ford. His mother's name was Pamela. She was a working at home for the elderly. The biological father of our hero is an American soldier. He served in Britain. There he met Pamela Gore. The future musician considered his stepfather a father before the age of 13. He met his biological parent for the first time on the territory of South America, being an adult. Gore Martin began to show interest in pop music after getting to know the magazine called Disco 45, as well as musicians Roxy Music, David Bowie, Gary Glitter and Sparks. Later, he became interested in the work of veterans of the synthpop and tech-nology - Gary Newman, The Human League, Can, Kraftwerk. Already in the early years he learned to play the piano and guitar. Such skills allowed the young man to participate in various teenage groups. The musician successfully combined the guitar playing in a duet called Norman & The Worms with studies at St. Nicholas's school. With Andrew Fletcher - the future member of the band Depeche Mode - the young man also met very early. In addition to music, the future singer paid a lot of time to foreign languages, in particular, the study of German. In 1976, he had the opportunity to go on an exchange in Germany. He lived some time in Schleswig-Holstein.

Depeche Mode

Gore Martin became a member of this team. In 1980, in November, the group was awarded the first mention in the press. It's about the Basildon newspaper called Evening Echo. After the conclusion of an informal contract with the studio Mute, as well as Daniel Miller, its leader, the popularity of the team began to grow rapidly. The first record was called Speak and Spell. For her, Gor Martin wrote several songs. This work has reached the tenth position in the British charts. After some changes in the composition of our hero had to take the vacated place of the writer. He was incredibly attentive to the lyrical component of the compositions. If he liked the melody, and the words - no, he could reject the finished song. The fourth single of the band was a composition called See You. It was written by a musician for a long time.

Outside the group

The solo album of Martin Mountain appeared in 1988. It was called Counterfeit ep. It was released by Mute in 1989. The work took place in a studio called Sam Therapy together with Rico Connning - producer. Six songs that appeared on the disc showed a variety of tastes of the author.

Personal life

Before our first marriage, our hero met Christina Friedrich and Anne Swindell. One of the girls for a while helped Depeche Mode in one of the concert tours. The first wife of Martin Gore - Suzanne Boysvert - from Paris. They married in 1994. The couple had three children: Viva, Eva, and also the son of Keilo. After twelve years of living together, the musician divorced his wife. It happened in 2006. The divorce was very difficult for him. The musician even wrote about this song Precious, which he dedicated to his children. In 2011, our hero began a relationship with a new woman named Kerili Kaski. They were married in 2014, in June. In 2016, on February 19, the couple had a daughter, named Joni.

For the first time the musician touched seriously the theme of religion in the song Blasphemous Rumors in 1984. This topic also touched other members of the team. In Blasphemous Rumors, the musician reflected on the sense of humor that God must have, and after the author's death, he will probably laugh. As predicted by the Depeche Mode musicians, numerous critics, as well as representatives of the clergy, took the text literally, accusing the author of these lines of blasphemy. At the same time, a single called Blasphemous Rumors managed to avoid censorship of the BBC, as a result of which it reached the sixteenth position in the chart.

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