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Singer Asher (Usher): biography, the creative path and personal life

Our today's hero is Usher, whose songs are heard by millions of people around the world. Do you want to know where he was born and trained? How did his private life develop? We are ready to provide the necessary information about it.

Asher: biography of a dark-skinned singer. Childhood

He was born on October 14, 1978 in the city of Dallas, located in the US state called Texas. Asher was brought up in an incomplete family. My father left when the boy was 1 year old. The mother took on the responsibility of raising her son. She worked hard to provide a decent life for her boy.

Most of Asher's childhood was in the town of Chattanooga (Tennessee). From an early age, the boy showed a love of music and singing. Grandma noticed this. It was she who gave the grandson to the church choir.

Soon the family moved to Atlanta (Georgia). Mother and grandmother considered that in this city their boy will have more opportunities for talent development.

Creative activity

At the age of 11, our hero began performing in the NuBeginnings group. The guys recorded 10 songs in the style of R'n'B. In 1993, Asher left the band. If you think that the guy temporarily gave up music, then you are very wrong. In the same year, he participated in the Star Search show ("Looking for a star"). Asher noticed representatives of the record company LaFace Records. They offered the boy a mutually beneficial cooperation. Our hero could not miss such a chance.

R'n'B-performer Asher: albums

His first studio album was released by the American singer in 1994. The disk was named Usher. The circulation was small, but it was completely redeemed.

In 1997, the second album Asher - My Way appeared on sale. This time the singer was waiting for a great success. His plate became platinum 6 times. Particularly popular is the composition You Make Me Wanna.

In 1999, singer Asher released his first live album Live. American listeners literally dared the entire print run from the counters. Such a success our hero did not expect.


During his career, singer Asher released 7 studio albums. Over 65 million copies of his records were sold worldwide. He has repeatedly won such prestigious prizes as "Grammy", American Music Award, World Music Awards and others. Successful producers from the USA and Europe offered him cooperation.

In 2002 Usher created his own music label US Records. The singer is not only able to earn money, but he knows where to invest. Most recently, he released a line of perfume for men and women. And that is not all. Usher acquired a stake in the basketball club Cleveland Cavaliers. His cash investments not only fully paid off, but also began to yield tangible revenue.

Asher is also the owner of several restaurants located in major US cities. All its facilities are designed for well-to-do and famous visitors.

Personal life

In his youth, singer Asher was not popular with women of the opposite sex. At school, he fell in love with a girl who did not reciprocate him. The guy was worried because of this. Then Asher began writing love songs.

The personal life of our hero was established only after he released the third studio album. In 2001, the singer met Rosanda Thomas. The girl acted as part of the TLC group. Their romance had a rapid development. One day Asher suggested that Rosande live together. The girl agreed. It would seem that business is going to the wedding. But in 2003 the couple announced the parting.

A black handsome man did not have a bachelor status for long. Asher had an affair with Tameka Foster, a stylist who worked with his group. In January 2007, he made a sweetheart proposal. Tameka agreed to become the legal wife of the singer.

In August 2007, Tameka gave birth to the first child. The son was named in honor of his father - Asher. Our hero tried to spend as much time as possible with his family. But a tough work schedule did not always allow it. In December 2008, an addition occurred in the family of Asher. The second son appeared in the world. He received the name of Neil Eli. Unfortunately, family happiness did not last long. In 2009, singer Asher and his wife officially divorced. They managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of common children.


Biography, career and personal life of the singer Asher were thoroughly examined by us. To date, he is one of the most successful R'n'B performers with dark skin color. Usher is not going to stop there. He continues to record songs and delight his fans with new clips.

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