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Rules of clever politeness: how to answer the question "Who are you?"

No matter how annoying the tactlessness of certain personalities, getting rid of them can be difficult. And the attack, caused by the lack of upbringing, is for the most part unexpected. Here's how to answer the question "Who are you?" A normal person can become confused. This is completely normal. Not the blind one asks. There are certain methods of getting out of such uncomfortable situations. They are standard and, in principle, are winning. Let's consider them.

Analysis of the situation

The first thing to do is listen to your feelings. Exactly! Then you can understand how to answer the question. "Who are you?" - in this phrase is clearly expressed aggression. Hence, the reaction must be protective. Anyone understands this at the level of the senses. That is, the subconscious immediately draws a picture, which, if you listen to it, makes it clear what you should do. There are very different situations. That is, the question itself is caused not by rudeness, but by the absence of tact. In the end, sensitivity is a quality that is brought up by childhood. Not everyone is able to understand how tactless sometimes it sounds: "Who are you?" How to answer in this case? The simplest version is a joke. This is a universal way. Many people answer this question literally automatically: "A horse in a coat!" Rudeness? Probably yes. Well, the questioner himself ran into! In dealing with strangers, it is undesirable to rely on instincts. You can get a blast of aggression in response.

Analysis of the person questioning

Before opening your mouth for communication, look, and who, in fact, addressed you. An older person or an older person? Familiar or completely stranger? What flashed through his eyes? To understand how to answer the question "Who are you?" Is quite difficult. After all, it can be set as for the purpose of provocation, and by circumstances. Maybe you accidentally got into a society of "secret" like-minded people and you are asked for a "password"? Do not say anything for a few seconds. Probably, in a situation where it is not possible to understand anything, a pause is the best weapon of clarification. Your counterpart himself will clarify the "level" of his own expectations. That is, your silence will be followed by an explanation of what the person in question is talking about. Then it is already possible to specify your answer without fear of getting trapped.

Frank rudeness

All of the above tips deal with virtually any case. However, it happens, when it is necessary to think about how to answer the question "Who are you?" When confronted by a boor. Here, simplicity and openness are recommended. That is, it is not necessary to react to aggression symmetrically, as now it is customary to say. If the bully wants to call you to a conflict, then smile and say: "Man!" And then - according to the situation. If you can put in the answer the strength of the spirit, then the boor does not begin to pester further. Psychologists in one voice argue that street bully do not differ bravery. Therefore, a direct way to stop their aggression is to demonstrate self-confidence. A smile will only emphasize your strength and independence.

How to answer the original question "Who are you?"

Now let us consider other cases. The fact is that in certain circles such a question is not at all considered ill-mannered. Rather - a way to get acquainted, establish contact. Here to demonstrate their originality, personal qualities. So to say, make an irresistible impression from the first second. Yes, but how can this be done? Not everyone cope with such a complicated business. So, let's analyze the situation. Reasoning about how to coolly answer the question "Who are you?", First think about the scale of values of the company in which you are now. Some people will like the full presentation, like: Ivanov Vasily Petrovich, Doctor of Sciences. Another cooler is the cooler: Darth Vader, I'm recruiting the space army. In any case, you need to understand with what kind of people you have been reduced by fate. It is not necessary to please everyone. Sometimes it is better to demonstrate independence. Only do it with humor, without tension.

Critical situations

To those it is recommended to refer those cases when the question sounds from the lips of the authorities or other people exposed by the authorities. Young people face such a problem. What to say, if you are not recognized for your work yet? So, it is recommended here to use the rules of non-aggressive light humor, coupled with tact. Do not be annoyed because you have not been remembered yet. Introduce yourself: name, surname, position. To these data does not prevent to add a joke. For example: "I am Ivanov Vasya, the first on the bonnet." What to add to the name, you will understand, if you keep your ears open. In any collective there are traditions, folklore. Old-timers are happy to share these "secrets". Be on the alert, the thoughts themselves will flutter into your brain free from unnecessary experiences! Just do not forget: a smile is the best weapon in any situation. A balanced sense of humor is the main adviser. For example, if you answer: "Your dream, flying on the wings of happiness!" - then you will intrigue people, cause a positive interest.

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