Contraceptive ring 'NovaRing'. Instructions for use

Ring "NovaRing" instructions for use refers to hormonal contraceptives. The device from hypoallergenic material provides reliable protection against the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, and also positively affects the menstrual cycle.

Contraceptive ring "NovaRing", whose composition includes the minimum doses of etonogestrel (progestogen) and ethinyl estradiol (estrogen), promotes oppression of ovulation. Etonogestrel stops the synthesis of FSH and LH, thus preventing follicular maturation.

Characterizing the NovaRing tool, the instructions for use indicate its ability to reduce the intensity and morbidity of bleeding, acyclic secretions, which prevents the development of iron deficiency. According to some studies, a reduction in the likelihood of developing cancer in the ovaries and endometrium with the use of a contraceptive ring has also been established.

The mechanism of the agent's effect consists in the constant release of a minimal dose of hormones, which ensures the stability of the hormonal background.

The adaptation of NovaRing recommends the application of lying down, squatting or standing, lifting one leg. When injected, squeeze the ring and hold it to a comfortable position in the vagina. After that, the device takes the necessary form.

The contraceptive should be kept inside continuously for three weeks. If the "NovaRing" ring is accidentally removed, the instruction manual recommends rinsing it in warm (not hot) water and immediately reentering it. As practice shows, there were no cases of loss of the device (even during sports). Mainly, this is due to the peculiarity of the location of the vagina itself. In addition, the muscles that are in constant tension do not let fall to the "NovaRing" ring.

To remove the contraceptive, use your forefinger to pick it up or, holding the device between the middle and index finger, pull out of the vagina.

The undoubted advantage of the ring "NovaRing" is the lack of influence on the liver and digestive system. Women who use the device do not feel any negative manifestations. The contraceptive ring "NovaRing" usually does not affect the body weight. The ability to conceive after discontinuation of the use of the remedy is restored after one month.

According to the feedback of women, the device does not adversely affect the sexual harmony and sensitivity of partners. On the ring "NovaRing" there is no need to remember before, during or after sexual intercourse.

Introduction of the device is carried out from the first to the fifth day of the cycle. After three weeks, the ring is removed from the vagina for seven days. Thus the contraceptive effect during this time is saved. During the week-long break, menstrual bleeding usually occurs . After seven days, a new ring is introduced.

To the contraindications to the use of NovaRing, the instruction refers to venous and arterial thrombosis, cardiac malformations with thrombogenic complications, migraine, arterial hypertension, changes in blood indices indicating a tendency to arterial or venous thrombosis. It is not recommended to use the contraceptive ring in diabetes mellitus, complicated by vascular lesions, severe liver diseases (including tumors), hormone-dependent malignant neoplasms, vaginal bleeding of an unexplained nature. Contraindicated use of the device during lactation and pregnancy.

Before using the contraceptive ring "NovaRing", a gynecologist-endocrinologist should be consulted.

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