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Basics of composition. Distribution of objects

The correct arrangement of the components of the work in any direction of art plays a key role. Basics of composition allow you to competently build and most accurately convey the meaning and idea of the work. With the help of special techniques the author singles out the main lines of the plot, conveys the mood, observing harmony at the same time. The fundamentals of composition represent a certain foundation of the whole creation.

It must be said that everyone has an intuitive understanding of the complex of elements that make up the work. In other words, all people imagine the general principles of composition, unity, integrity.

Particular attention is paid to artists searching for schemes that have the most expressiveness. Many centuries were marked by the creation of works in which the foundations of the composition represented various artistic solutions. A harmonious combination of elements is used when creating works of various art spheres. Basics of composition in design, for example, allow, correctly arranged objects, to focus the viewer's attention on this or that object.

The work is built on a plane, regardless of whether it's a paper or a computer monitor. Each such plane has a center. Basics of composition in photography, drawing, painting suggest the placement of the main plot of the work in the composition center. It should be said that this center may not coincide with the geometric one. There can be several compositional centers in the product. The geometric center is formed at the point of intersection of two diagonal lines emerging from opposite corners of the plane. It must be said that such a point is unique in the work.

Isolation can be done by contrasting color, shadow and light, shape and size.

It should be noted that the basics of the composition were developed back in antiquity. Since then, the rules for the location of components in the work have not changed much. At the same time the basis of the composition is quite universal. This allows different people to distinguish between strong works and weak ones. In a harmonious composition, different spatial bases can be used. Among them, it should be noted contrast, rhythm, symmetry, perspective.

Basics of composition are quite actively used in advertising design. The selection of the center helps attract a potential buyer to the information offered. As an object by which attention is drawn, any image or text can act.

It should be said that the compositions in literature and music have much in common with the compositional construction of works of painting, photography, and design. The difference is only in the means of achieving a harmonious combination of components. In the distribution of objects, in addition to the allocation of centers, special methods are applied that make the work more planned.

In traditional painting, the image of the story center is usually in the background. In this case, the front is a kind of introduction, drawing attention to the main event. The third plan is a continuation of the work, the background on which the action takes place.

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