The project of a bath 4х4 from a bar. The project of a bath from a bar with own hands

Our ancestors also knew that a bath is a source of good health and longevity. If there is an opportunity to erect such an outbuilding on your countryside site, then it is not worth lulling. Work on the construction can be entrusted to an experienced team or all done on their own. After all, to bathe and relax in a bathhouse built with your own hands will be much more pleasant. You just need to buy the necessary tools, stock up on the necessary materials and listen to some recommendations. So, let's consider how to make a project of a bath from a bar of 4x4 with your own hands.

How to start designing?

  • First of all, it is necessary to choose a place for the future bath. It is important to take into account many aspects: the type of soil, relief conditions, access to water and sewage system, and location of the nearest buildings.
  • It is better to place the windows from the west side, so that there is more light.
  • You should determine the size. In a standard project, 4x4 baths from a bar should include: a dressing room, a steam room and a washing room.
  • It is recommended to make a vestibule that can replace the changing room and will keep the temperature between the street and the bath.
  • The stove in the steam room is best heated with firewood, and the water is heated with gas.
  • The best oven option is a stove with an oven. If desired, you can install a fireplace, which will leave the room for rest.
  • It is necessary to provide thermal insulation.

In addition, when making a project of a bath from a 4x4 bar, you should choose which type it will apply to. It can be:

  • Russian sauna.
  • Sauna.
  • The Tatar bath.
  • Japanese.
  • Anto.

The design of the 4x4 bath from the timber on the high cost and complexity is second only to the frame structures, however, the class will be higher in reliability and strength. Such structures are built from several types of timber: profiled, glued profiled and conventional.

The foundation of the bath

The construction of any bath begins with the erection of the foundation. There are several of their options, and the choice should be stopped based on the nature of the soil and the type of material selected for the walls. With a wet ground and a heavy wall material, a pile foundation must be installed. It is also possible, if desired, to combine several kinds of bases.


  • Steam Room

This is the place where people go to get a good steam and sweat. The size of this room depends on how many people will be in it at the same time. The oven can be placed in a corner. Opposite it should be a window and bath accessories. On the blank wall there are shelves for lying. It should be borne in mind that the more stones there are, the more heat they give away, and there will be more quality steam. Do not forget about the safety precautions and place the heating element as far from the shelves as possible. Their width is: for sitting - 0,5 meters, and for lying - one meter.

  • Washing room

Here people wash themselves. The size of a similar room, as a rule, is about one and a half meters for each person. This space will be enough to equip the shower and a place for changing clothes.

  • The dressing-room

This room is designed to store different things, clothes, shoes, and firewood. In addition, you can relax after a steam room. When planning the project of a 4x4 bath from a bar, allocate for this room 1.5 m per person. The minimum size of the dressing room is 5 square meters. M.

If the dimensions of the room allow, in the bathhouse you can equip a pool with cold water, after which it will be possible to immediately dip after the steam room. And if there is still a place, put in a dressing room a table with chairs. There you can meet with family and friends for a pleasant stay. You can also buy a tennis or billiard table, install a TV on the wall, and place chairs for comfortable spending time.

Sauna from the bar 4x4: project, photo

There are many different layouts of these structures. We offer you to consider a good project of a 4x4 bathhouse, where you can have a wonderful time in the rest room after pleasant water procedures. The steam room and shower room have the same area. This bath can be attributed, rather, to the classic look with a standard layout and bundling.

The time spent here, you and your loved ones will be remembered as joyful and bright moments, to which you want to return again and again. The given project of a bath 4х4 from a bar Has a low cost. Good luck!

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