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How to express the wishes of recovery

How to express your feelings in simple and clear words, to convey to the patient the full force of his desire to help? How to formulate wishes for recovery to help a person at the time of testing? Probably best in order To sort out your thoughts, then the words will come.

Wishes for a recovery

Here everything is simple. When the contact is established, the feelings are much easier to express. Only it is necessary to take into account the nuances of the situation, so that instead of making it easier for a person not to add salt to the wound. Start with how valuable a person is to you. Say a few words of sympathy, but better empathy. And now tell me how happy you will be when the ill will go away.


Dear mommy! Beloved, the most expensive! So wonderful to see your smile, know that you are cheerful and healthy. Your illnesses are a temporary phenomenon, but you want so much to take away all your pain in order to hear your joyful voice again! Get better quickly! You're the strongest and bravest, you could always save us, your children, from the worst nightmares! And we'll help you!

Beloved little son! Sweetheart! Quickly get better, and we'll go to the fabulous distance, look for magical adventures! There is no such sickness that could stop such a strongman as you for a long time!

Wishes of recovery to the employee (chief)

When you want to say a few words to a person who is not in a circle of intimate communication, you should observe some precautions. If you are not quite in the know of his affairs, it is better to speak (write) general words. Consider that a careless phrase can severely hurt a person, worsening his general condition, and therefore slowing down the amendment.


Dear ... The collective strongly feels your absence at work. Nobody except you can not so easily and simply solve complex issues, constantly bombard our organization. We miss your wise advice, sparkling jokes. I very much want to see you in full health soon, to shake your brave hand! We wish you good health, and let this illness, which you will undoubtedly win, be the last. Let a succession of happy years replace the current ill health!

Dear ... The whole work team sends you a burning greetings and wishes for a speedy recovery. Soul, we are with you, supporting you in this trial. We sincerely worry for you, we look forward to your soonest recovery! Without your original ideas, we can not cope with work! Accept our heartfelt wishes for the quickest victory over the disease! Let life please you with health and happiness!

Wishes for recovery after surgery

Dear ... You have had a serious test. We empathize with you and hope that the strength of your spirit will overcome the unfavorable circumstances. You will definitely get better! We wish you not to lose your positive mood and optimism! Let adversity wax like a morning mist, and a bright sun of happiness will light up again on your horizon!

Wishes for a speedy recovery to your beloved

The closest person should speak sincere and affectionate words. He already knows how much experience you have. Just say that you love, it is always appropriate. The energy of this word is sometimes better than any medicine. For example: "My favorite! When you feel bad, not a single star lights up in the sky. All of them, just like the Sun, miss me! Get well as soon as possible. Do not leave the planet without light! I sincerely ask your health to return to your master! "

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