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Clothes dryer on the balcony wall: advantages, features of choice and application

Now there are a lot of different accessories for washing and drying clothes. They can be installed on the floor, and also attached to a wall or ceiling. Each type of product has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will consider a dryer for linen on the balcony wall.

Product design features

Such an accessory is made of metal or ropes. The structure of the structure is quite simple. Clothes dryer on the balcony wall consists of two racks, located in parallel to each other, as well as ropes or metal rods of a certain diameter (so as not to sag under the weight of things). The strongest are steel fasteners, which are able to withstand a sufficiently large mass. Reiki need to be tightly screwed to the base on one level. In some models (with ropes), one bar can be fixed on the wall, and the other - just pulled and hooked onto the hook on the opposite surface, if necessary. After the laundry is removed, the product can be folded.

Advantages of wall-mounted dryers

Advantages of the presented product are:

  • Convenience and mobility (you can use the design only when you need to hang wet clothes);
  • Occupies very little space (the design is very compact and can be folded, so it will not interfere with the movement of the balcony);
  • Strength (high-quality fabrication material allows the dryer not to break under a sufficiently high load);
  • Durability (the product presented is not subject to negative moisture effects);
  • Economy (the construction is not expensive);
  • The possibility of adjusting the tension of ropes (rods), as well as the gap between them;
  • Choice of the product depending on the size of the free space.

Features of the choice of design

In order for the dryer for the linen on the balcony wall to serve for a long time and properly, it must be properly selected and used. First of all, try not to load the structure more than indicated in the instruction. Do not leave clothes on the ropes for a long time.

As for the choice, then you need to be guided by certain parameters. Firstly, the dryer for linen on the balcony wall should match the size of the loggia in width and length. Secondly, we need to determine the type of construction (it must be expanded or stretched). In principle, this parameter also depends on the size of the balcony.

Clothes dryer, the price of which is 20 dollars or more, should be strong, so do not try to buy too cheap products. They are made of not very high-quality plastic and too thin metal, so they can break after several drying. Also appreciate the safety of the structure. It should not have sharp elements, so you can not get hurt, and clothes - to tear.

Also, during the selection, take into account the manufacturer's rating. Today, a very popular model is the wall-hung laundry dryer Gimi. It has a small weight and size, is compact, can withstand a weight of up to 8 kg. At the same time, it is made of quality material, therefore it can serve for a long time.

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