How to include the line in the "Word" 2010

If you decide to seriously study the program like "Word", or you just need to urgently find out how to install the ruler in the "Word" 2010, then you are on the right article. As they say, you need to start small. In the article we will tell not only how the ruler is installed in the "Word" 2010, but also about what functions it performs. Therefore, if you are interested in this, read the article to the end.

The first way to install a ruler

Now the first way will be analyzed, how to make a ruler in the "Word" 2010. Someone says that it is quite expensive in time and there is another - a more successful option. But despite this, the way that will now be presented, enjoys the greatest popularity, so you can not miss it.

So, the ruler in the "Word" 2010 is set as follows:

  1. Initially, go to the "View" tab, if you are not on it.
  2. On the toolbar, find the "Show" area.
  3. Check the box next to "Ruler".

You can see that the instructions for installing the ruler are rather short, which can not be bad. After completing all three points, you will see how in the interface of the program there will be one more element - a ruler.

The second way to install the ruler

Ways how to install a ruler in the "Word" 2010, two. And the second one, which will now be presented, is more profitable, because using it, you can save time, without losing anything. Although this economy is doubtful. After all, everyone agrees that the previous method takes only a few seconds.

So, to install the ruler in the second way, you just need to click one icon, which is located above the page scroll slider vertically. Its exact place you can see in the picture.

By clicking this icon, you will achieve exactly the same result as using the previous method.

Ruler Interface

So you learned how to install the ruler in the program interface. Well, now it's time to talk about the interface of the line itself. As you can see, we have two rulers, on the left and on top.

But the one on the left, we will not take into account, since there are no elements on it. But on the top there are four: three sliders on the left and one on the right. At once it is necessary to tell, that the right slider is responsible for the size of an indent of the text from the right edge of a sheet. We will pay more attention to the three sliders on the left.

In fact, everything here is simple. The upper slider is responsible for indenting the first line of the paragraph from the left edge. Average - for the ledge of the text in the paragraph, except the first line. And the lower slider allows you to move two previous ones fixedly.

I want to say one thing: you need to try to move the sliders yourself to understand how they work.

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