Do not open the "Yandex-browser" or services: what to do?

Many users who constantly use Internet surfing, prefer to use the popular Yandex browser in their work. Despite all its advantages, it sometimes happens that it just stops working. At the same time, some services may stop functioning (for example, "Yandex.Mail" does not open). Let's see what causes can cause failures, and what to do in the simplest case for troubleshooting.

The "Yandex-browser" or service does not open: possible reasons

Like any other software, and the browser, and additional services Yandex use as a platform operating systems (fixed or mobile).

But the reasons for not opening "Yandex" (and a web browser, and related services like search engine or mail), most experts call:

  • Lack of internet connection;
  • Virus exposure;
  • Cluttered cookies and cache;
  • Too many installed add-ons;
  • Blocking from the side of the firewall;
  • Incorrect SSL certificates;
  • Technical works on the site.

Do not open "Yandex-browser": what to do first?

It seems that everything is clear with the first paragraph. As a solution to the problem that the "Yandex browser" or service does not open, you can use Internet connection checking, a normal restart of a computer or mobile device, and even system recovery.

However, as practice shows, usually the reason is not that. In most cases, a failure, in which the window in the Yandex services is not opened, but the browser itself does not start, is caused by the virus. Although it is believed that the services and browser of this developer have enough serious protection, but they are not immune from the penetration of threats through software gaps. At the same time, sometimes regular anti-virus packages do not determine that they are in danger. Such cases are observed when an application installed in the background is marked as trusted.

What to do in this case? You need to use a third-party scanner (preferably portable type). Utilities such as Dr. Web CureIt !, KVRT or something else. However, the most powerful tool is considered a software utility of disk type with the general name Rescue Disk. When using them, you can download the scanner from an optical or USB-media before the operating system is launched and perform a full scan with the use of in-depth analysis. Believe me, such applications can detect even the most conspicuous viruses, not to mention those that are constantly "hanging" in RAM.

Clear cookies and cache

On the other hand, the problem of what does not open "Yandex-browser", can consist in the most commonplace reason for cache overflow and the presence of temporary cookies.

What to do in this case? As you already know, all this rubbish should be thoroughly cleaned. But the browser does not open! How to proceed? There will come to the aid of programs-optimizers like CCleaner, Advanced System Care, AVZ TuneUp and others. They can completely clean up the above elements without the user's involvement, absolutely for all Internet browsers installed on the system, and not just for the one used by default.

Disable unnecessary add-ons

Another reason that Yandex does not open (for example, the start page or the search service) is that too many additional modules (extensions and additions) are included in the browser itself.

In this situation, go to the browser settings (use the appropriate section in the menu) and disable or delete all unnecessary. By and large, for convenience, you can leave only the components of Flash (Adobe or Macromedia), well, just in case - AdBlock (a utility that blocks the appearance of pop-ups and advertisements). Although this add-on can cause problems, so the browser needs to be checked just when it's off.

Turn off the firewall

Another trouble in terms of what does not open "Yandex" comes from its own means of protecting Windows-systems. Perhaps at some stage of access to services, they are blocked.

In the simplest case, you can disable the firewall or the protector, and then see how the browser or service to which the access is attempted will work. In a more complex version for services in the settings of the firewall will have to create a new exception rule.

Just in case, by the way, you should find the Hosts file located in the folder etc of the Drivers directory, which is located in the System32 directory of the system folder. In the contents of the file below, after the address line, there should be no other records. If they are there, it is possible that the given addresses are directly related to the services of "Yandex".

Mail Problems and Troubleshooting Techniques

Finally, one of the main problems can be called the situation when Yandex.Mail is not opened. Usually, problems are associated with the fact that at the moment on the site of the service some technical work or maintenance is being done. However, most often the message about the obsolete certificates is displayed.

In this situation, you first need to check the correctness of the address of the link to the mail server ( It may be necessary to dig into the antivirus settings and install the corresponding SSL certificate, confirming the authenticity of the publisher, manually. Sometimes the indication in the address not http, but the protected variant of connection https can help.


Here in general terms and all that concerns the problem of when Yandex does not open (services or browser). You can fix the problems in the above ways, just first you need to find out the cause of the failure, and only then apply some specific solution. It may very well be that the problem occurred due to technical maintenance of the site. Although it does not exclude the option of a malfunction of the browser software itself. Alternatively, you can try to completely remove it, and then install it again.

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