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Compatibility: female-fish + male-Taurus

The female-Fish + male-Taurus pair compatibility is rated as high. As a rule, in this union there is agreement and mutual understanding. The stability and stability of the lady greatly strengthens these relations. Female Fish + Taurus Male are representatives of the zodiac, which complement each other and relate to each other with kindness, tenderness and benevolence. Partners have a strong emotional and psychological connection.

Mutual relations and possible conflicts

Dama-Pisces conquers her man with femininity and tenderness, and he admires her manliness, perseverance and perseverance in overcoming difficulties. The element of the Earth gives him such qualities as practicality, realism and firmness. The lady belongs to the element of Water and lives in a world of illusions and dreams.

In a pair of male-Taurus and female-Pisces, as in any other, there can be conflicts and misunderstandings. The lady is a creative person and a subtle nature, which is difficult to live without new experiences and adventures. A man is more down to earth, and one of the main ideals for him is stability, from which he finds it difficult to refuse, to satisfy the thirst for the novelty of the female Pisces. He wants to create a comfortable and cozy nest, where peace and quiet will reign, and in relation to the chosen one often shows proprietary feelings. But the water lady, being trapped in a golden cage, may lose interest in her partner, because she is also very freedom-loving. However, in fact, dreaminess, romance and a desire for new impressions of women on the contrary help to distract Taurus from domestic, career affairs and refresh relations.

Conflicts in a female-Fish + Taurus male can be completely eliminated if partners learn to feel each other on a psycho-emotional level, which is not so difficult for them. A water lady in this union should not completely and in all submit to her earthly choice, otherwise she will lose her independence and independence, and the relationship will lose its zest and brilliance.

Intimate sphere

In sexual relations, the lady-fish is very changeable, and it is not easy for an earthly man to get used to the range of her fantasies. The partners have a different approach to intimate relationships. The lady refers to sex more subtly. For her, the atmosphere, the beauty of the environment, the attributes, the sexy clothes and other similar nuances are important. Her chosen one is more direct, although very passionate. In general, a couple of a woman-fish + a man-Taurus in sex achieve complete harmony, because they feel very well each other. Partners prefer to prepare in advance for the closeness. Both have an average temperament, but are able to open up more.


In the views on everyday life and home comfort, the compatibility of the Taurus-Pisces marks is quite high. Partners should not clearly distinguish between responsibilities. In many cases, they can completely substitute for each other, which will diversify leisure time and will give many topics for discussion. The lady is an excellent mistress and often helps her chosen one even in matters of business and career. A man-Taurus is an enterprising and thorough man. His house is always in order, and the children are surrounded by care and attention, which makes a great impression on the water lady.

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