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Duplex is what? What is a duplex?

More and more often in different areas we hear the term "duplex". Sometimes the context in which this word occurs is so different that you begin to doubt, but how do you use it? Duplex is what? Each specialist will answer this question in his own way.

Variety of terms

In Latin it means "two-sided". Hence the diversity in the application of this term.

This name is widely used in telecommunications. If we are talking about modems, walkie-talkies, telephones, then this word is used to denote a two-way communication.

The term is used in chess, in polygraphy, construction, medicine, metallurgy and even in marketing.

To determine what the term means in this particular situation, it is possible only from the context.

Duplex and print

Duplex in the printer - what is it? It is not difficult to understand this question. In fact, this is one of the methods of printing, in which the image is printed on both sides automatically, without human participation. A similar technology is preserved in the MFP.

The undeniable advantage of this technique is that as a result we get a document reproducing text or image from two sides, there is no need to approach the device every time and turn the sheet.

When is it rational to use the duplex method? In case you have large volumes of just two-sided documentation.

Please note that this printing method is available in both laser and inkjet printers. This means that this function is present not only in office models, it is also available for home printers.

Duplex in MFPs - what is this function and how does the whole process look like? Do not be mistaken, thinking that the device turns each separate sheet. In fact, the function of two-sided printing is provided by the fact that the paper passes through another path through the same printer.

In the refilling of cartridges such devices are similar to those in which the printing function on both sides is absent.

How to choose a printer with a duplex function?

Answering the question "Duplex is what?", We will now determine the criteria for choosing the equipment. First, find out for yourself what volumes of printing you need and with what regularity. If a large amount of material for printing is expected no more than 2 times a week, then it will be sufficient for you to have an inkjet version.

But if you need to use a printer often and in large volumes, you should get a laser device. It is easier to maintain, and print quality is better.

Duplex in the world of wallpaper

With the beginning of repairs in the apartment often there is a lot of questions. The choice of wallpaper is also amazing with its variety. Having understood the difference between vinyl, paper and non-woven wallpaper, we decide that you can breathe out quietly. We come to the store fully armed, but again we hear the question from the consultant "what do you prefer - a duplex or a simplex?".

And again we grab our heads! What is different, what they are? Duplex wallpapers - what is it?

And this is just one of the options for paper wallpapers, which are most often chosen. Their advantages are obvious. Low cost, high environmental friendliness. All these arguments are in favor of a paper version.

What to choose?

But what is the difference between duplex and simplex? Both options reflect the structure of the wallpaper. Simplex is a single-layered fabric, which explains its fineness and low strength. When using such wallpaper, you must carefully prepare the walls, because any irregularities will be visible.

Duplex, in turn, is a multi-layered version. Wallpapers are distinguished by higher strength and resistance to external influences.

Coarse-grained and embossed duplex is what? These wallpapers differ not only in appearance, but also in the way they are made.

Embossed duplex is what? Perhaps, this is the most environmentally friendly material among all kinds of wallpaper. At its manufacture practically do not use chemically aggressive substances. By the way, these materials are often used for processing walls, they are popular.

Duplex in real estate

Choosing urban and suburban real estate, we are increasingly confronted with the concept of house-duplex. What it is? In the common people there are similar concepts regarding an apartment. What is it, try to understand further.

First of all, let's define what we are talking about cottages. In fact, this is a house divided into two sections, with two separate entrances, relatively independent communications.

Such buildings are designed to accommodate two families. Sometimes duplex is considered as a private small apartment (actually a semi-detached) version of the townhouse.

Plans can be completely different and are limited only by the imagination of architects and designers. However, most often on the ground floor there are common facilities, such as a kitchen-studio, guest rooms, utility rooms. On the second floor, they frequently take out the personal space of family members - children's rooms, bedrooms. Speaking about this type of real estate, you can not forget the film with the same name, in which a young couple bought a two-story mansion in a decent area at a ridiculous price. The only drawback of the purchase was an old woman who rented a second floor from the owners and always got them with her requests ...

The term in medicine

Duplex in medicine also means duality. Widespread use has received the same name ultrasound scanning, which is based on a combination of Doppler and traditional research.

Classical ultrasound gives the specialist an opportunity to examine the vessels, and Doppler - reflects the current of biological fluids.

The most common is duplex BTS. What is this abbreviation that many patients can take unawares? Under BTSS mean brachiocephalic trunk or brachiocephalic vessels.

Procedure of the study

Along with duplex, a study using the classical Doppler for the diagnosis of intracranial cerebral circulation disorders is also used. This method appeared much earlier and has still not lost its significance.

The procedure for the patient is simple and painless. The main thing is to ensure the correct position of the person: with a slightly raised head. For this purpose the most usual couch is suitable.

The research itself is carried out by a sensor, lubricated with a special gel, ensuring smooth movement on the skin of the subject. The received information is read by a specialist doctor from the monitor of the duplex ultrasound machine.

In the last decade, the development of technology allows the use of modern research methods at affordable prices. There are no complications or side effects after duplex scanning.

Duplex BTS: what is it?

By this term we mean colored duplex scanning of the brain's cranial divisions, brachiocephalic arteries. This is the most modern method of ultrasound diagnosis. It can guarantee the most accurate results and clarity of images.

The condition of the vessels and their structure are completely scanned by a duplex unit. Thanks to this the doctor can make a correct diagnosis. If you have complaints about a headache, dizziness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, unreasonable fatigue, tinnitus, loss of consciousness, diagnose the nature of the pathology, this device will also help.

As you can see, the term "duplex" has a very wide application. This word is used to describe many things, from printers and walkie-talkies to sophisticated medical equipment.

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