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"Varka", Nosov: a short summary of the story about the premonition of love

Heroes of the works of Eugene Ivanovich Nosov often became ordinary people, people from the people. Despite the fact that the author describes in detail the natural landscapes, with amazing accuracy conveys the depth of the characters of his characters, his narratives differ in their extreme laconicism and dynamics. This can be called the story "Varka". Nosov, the short content of his already small work, most likely would not have been given a dry syllable. We, at our own peril and risk, will try to do this.

Volunteer assistant

The village girl, who is called Varka, has been working on a collective farm house for the third consecutive summer. She volunteered to take care of small ducklings, helping adults to grow poultry. At the end of the next summer season, when the fattened ducks were sent to the meat-packing plant, Varka promised herself not to return here.

Against the daughter's passion was the girl's mother. But when Varka saw the fluffy loudly squeaking chicks in the spring, an unknown force dragged her to a distant river old man, where the ducks were located. On the day of the events described, Varka stayed on night duty in the poultry house, replacing the worker Lenka Pryakhina.

How old is Varka?

Without describing the images of the main characters, it is impossible to dispense with passing both the unfolded plot of the work and its brief content. Varka ... Evgeny Nosov deliberately does not mention either the surname or the age of his heroine.

An inquisitive reader is given the opportunity to independently understand these details. In the course of the story, we can guess that the girl is about 16-17 years old, because in one episode she tells that she will go to the 10th grade in the fall.

Sashka Gypsy is a man

Despite some understatement, we clearly represent the pictures of village life and the characters of the characters, which Eugene Nosov masterfully describes. Varka is a mischievous little girl, not devoid of naive youthful romanticism and worldly wit.

The second most important character of this work is a boy named Sashka. About three years ago he appeared in the village with his mother, a gypsy Maria, who decided to change her nomadic life to a settled one. A stupid boy with frightened eyes first saw an alien gypsy woman on the porch of the collective farm board of Varka. Nosov, the brief content of their meeting does not even describe, focusing only on the girl's feelings. The tattered clothes of the little wanderer, his unruffled appearance, aroused Varka's pity, she very much wanted Parashechkin to let the gypsies stay in the village.

Sashka, apparently, the same age as the main character. But he does not go to school, because, having only two classes of education, he is ashamed to sit down at one desk with the kids. The young man works on the collective farm, performing simple tasks: grazes horses, brings bags of food to the same poultry house. Sashka's dream is to become a mechanic. But for this you need to finish at least 7 classes. The boy takes lessons at home at the head of the local school, and in his spare time reads Pushkin.

Daytime chores and night travels

On this day, Sasha came to the poultry house with a feed for ducks. The guy with black, resinous, curly hair immediately surrounded the girls, began to let go of his joke. The gypsy in the village did not really pay much attention and was a little afraid of the sight of his deep dark eyes. Varka did not take part in the general merriment. Nosov the summary of this episode, of course, could not miss. Here we begin to guess that the girl feeds on the boy some special, yet unconscious feelings. And they were born not now, but, probably, already from the first meeting. But Varka can not even admit this to herself.

In the evening, staying on the farm alone with the guard Emelian, the girl struggles to collect the ducks in the pen. When the fed bird flock settled down for a night's rest, Varka remembered how Lena Pryakhina used to make up her mind, going on a date. The girl takes out of her friend's bedside table simple cosmetics, powder her sunburned weather-beaten face. Looking in the mirror, she did not recognize herself - she was staring at a pale, barren creature with black ears and a long neck. And Varka had not seen such flaky "radish" noses at any of her friends. Well, not everyone can be beautiful! Having called herself a bore and waving her hand at the idea with cosmetics, the girl runs to the lake to swim.

Meeting at the fire

Having got out of the water, Varka heard the roar of a tractor plowing the collective farm field. The thought flashed through my mind to see who was sent to work at night. But while the girl bypassed the lake, the tractor managed to leave to the far end of the site. But nearby Varka noticed a flushed light and decided to go there to warm up. To the surprise of the girl, beside the fire, beside the grazing horse, there was no one.

But soon there is a gypsy Sashka. Between the young people a slightly tense conversation starts, smoothly passing into a casual conversation. Varka learns about the young man's plans, his hobbies. At the request of the girl, Sashka even performs a gypsy dance.

Four horses are grazing next to the log. Surrendering to a sudden impulse, Varka offers the guy a ride on horseback. He at first does not agree, and then starts after the horse that is being carried away, on which, fearless Varka jumps all over the body to the croup. Nosov the brief content of this episode brings to us through the feelings and thoughts of the heroine: "Sashka! She almost certainly knew that he was chasing. She even wanted him to chase after her. "

Of course, he caught up with her, grabbing her around the waist, transplanted to the back of her horse. A hot kiss burned Varka's lips. The girl breaks away and runs away, leaving the guy in complete perplexity.

Passing the summary of Nosov's story "Varka", it is impossible to contain all melody and originality of the author's style. Therefore, we recommend that you read this work completely, especially since it is perceived very easily, literally in one breath.

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