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Soup puree with shrimps - variations on a given topic.

Many housewives do not imagine a full-fledged diet for the whole family without first courses. At the same time, thick meat broth in combination with oil, which has undergone thermal treatment, gives the product not too useful. Here you and carcinogenic trans fats, and cholesterol in abundance. On the other hand, without the first dishes can not do. How to be in this case? A good way out for such a case would be soup with prawns or chicken. However, the filling and taste of these dishes will depend only on your culinary fantasies and eating habits.

The way of soup-mash is practically the same for all cases. First boil the meat or vegetables, then thoroughly crushed in a blender, usually together with the broth. Then add milk or cream, slowly and carefully injected thickener. Give the mixture to boil for a few minutes and a delicious soup ready. For decoration use pieces of meat or vegetables, rusks white or rye.

Potato soup - mashed potatoes with shrimps and cumin

You can cook this soup in a few minutes. Because the potato is a starchy vegetable, you do not need a thickener. Without a blender and other technical devices, you can also do. Of the products you will need 1 kg of potato tubers, milk or cream 800 and 400 ml respectively, onion 1 head, a pair of cloves of garlic, a glass of peeled and boiled shrimps, salt, pepper, cumin.

We brush potatoes and onion and cook them together, as for ordinary puree. Merge the broth and mash the vegetables in a mash. We add a little vegetable broth and put the mixture on a weak fire. Now our soup-mash should be brought to the density of sour cream. If the extra calories do not scare, you can dilute the potatoes with cream and vegetable broth (proportion 1: 1). For flavor, add to the soup crushed garlic, pepper and salt to taste. Shrimp and caraway we add to each serving separately. You can season our soup with a shrimp in a small piece of butter.

Soup "Goldfish"

If you like the taste and aroma of fish and seafood, this is the first dish you will definitely enjoy. The basis for it is fish broth and thick fat cream.

To cook fish soup with prawns for a company of four people, you need 800 g of low-fat sea fish. A little product will go to prepare a liquid base. For our soup-mashed potatoes we need one liter of clear fish broth.

The remaining fish is cut into small pieces and fried in butter in a pan without a lid. Add here a glass of peeled shrimp and a couple of finely chopped bulbs. We extinguish all 10 - 15 minutes, until all components are completely softened. Then the contents of the frying pan are crushed and wiped through a sieve.
Now prepare the basis of soup-mashed potatoes. To do this, a glass of cream with a fat content of 33% is mixed with 2/3 of broth and we add the same fish-shrimp mass. To make our soup-mash more dense, you need to add a thickener to it. It is simpler and more useful to simply dissolve a spoonful of flour in a remaining amount of a broth and in a thin trickle, with constant stirring, pour into the soup. Another way is to first roast the flour to a golden shade in butter.
Decorate the ready soup with greens of dill, whole pieces of fish or shrimp.

Pumpkin cream soup with shrimps

This light and nutritious soup will be to the taste of vegetable lovers. For him, we need a pumpkin pulp of 500 grams, a bulb large, a little butter, vegetable or creamy (to whom that is more like it), pepper and salt to taste. A glass (you can have a little more) of boiled shrimps. Add the cream in a small amount, half the glass will be enough.

Pumpkin and onions cut into smaller pieces and cook until ready. Then we pour the broth into a separate pan, and the vegetables are thoroughly kneaded and wiped. We lay a few shrimps to decorate portions, rest shredded in a blender. We connect both mixtures, add cream and let the soup warm up. After that, gradually add vegetable broth until the soup by consistency is equal to the density of sour cream. Boil the mixture for a few more minutes, salt and pepper.

As the pumpkin perfectly harmonizes to taste not only with cream, but also with rice, ready soup can be additionally refilled, cooked in advance, croup. If you do not like this combination, sprinkle the soup with mashed cheese, fried pumpkin seeds. You can also use all sorts of spices: ginger, cloves.

Cheese cream soup with shrimps

For its preparation, you need 200 grams of melted cheese (best of all, Viola) and cheddar cheese, 400 ml of cream 20%, powder of chili peppers and paprika, one Bulgarian red pepper, shrimp pack of peeled, weighing 400 grams. Cheese grate, mix with cream and melt on low heat, in a bowl with a thick bottom. Pepper bulgarian cut into very small cubes, scalded in boiling water and put into a cheese mixture. Prawns are boiled, crushed and added to our soup-mashed potatoes. Season all with pepper and sea salt.

To make our soups are airy and light, at the last stage of cooking you can use a mixer.

To the ready soup-mash it is accepted to serve crackers or garlic croutons, white crispy baguette.

Enjoy your meal!

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