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Visa to Turkmenistan for Russian citizens. Embassy of Turkmenistan in Moscow

Many people are wondering whether a visa is needed for Turkmenistan for Russian citizens, and if so, what exactly is needed to obtain it? Since Turkmenistan after the collapse of the USSR has become closed even for the current CIS countries. This fact in itself contains the answer to the question asked - yes, a visa is necessary, without it it will not be possible to cross the border. However, if you follow the instructions, you will not be able to get the coveted stamp in your passport.

Important information

Russia-Turkmenistan is not a very popular destination. But still many people regularly fly from our country to this state, located in Central Asia. And there is one way by which you can get there without first obtaining a visa. To do this, you need to cross the border on an airplane. And only through the international airport, located in Ashgabat. But the period of stay should not exceed ten days. If such an option suits a person, then the visa will be stamped directly at the airport.

But still some documents with you have to have. A visa to Turkmenistan for Russian citizens upon arrival is indicated if there is a valid passport and an invitation, which in turn is coordinated with the State Service for the Registration of Aliens. But this is already the care of the inviting party.

By the way, another person will need a so-called boarding card. But her foreigner gets for $ 12 when they get a visa. In fact, it is an analogue of the migration card, since it is also intended for keeping records of foreigners.

What is worth knowing?

So, as already said, the visa is stamped at the airport in Ashgabat. Turkmenistan is a state with strict laws. Therefore, if a person does not leave the country after the notorious 10 days, he will have to extend his residence permit. You can do this in the Immigration Service. And you need to go there in advance, because the extension takes some time.

Also, you need to take something into account when you come to Ashgabat. Turkmenistan, or rather its legislation, imposes certain restrictions on the export of goods from the country. It is forbidden to export the mummies of local production, snake and bee venom (as well as propolis) without a permit, all kinds of meat, precious metals and carpets. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

For tourists

If a person plans to spend more than 10 days in the country, he will need a visa to Turkmenistan. For citizens of Russia everything is quite simple. It is only necessary to collect a certain package of documents and with him to go to the embassy or consulate. Or in the visa center.

Necessarily you need an original invitation to the name of the traveler, and another copier. Usually this document is a travel agency, acting as a guarantor of a person's stay in Turkmenistan.

I also need a foreign passport and a completed visa application form. To simplify the procedure, the embassy of Turkmenistan in Moscow placed it on its website.

In addition to the above, you will need photocopies of the completed pages of the civil passport, color photography 3 x 4 cm, reference from the workplace. If a person is on pension, then an appropriate certificate will be required.

Guest visa

This type of permission to enter the country can also be obtained. In the event that a person needs to visit close relatives or the place where they are buried. In principle, a guest visa to Turkmenistan for Russian citizens is issued after the submission of the same list of documents that are usually collected by potential tourists. But something is needed and additional.

This statement and a personal visa sheet, as well as a document that is a confirmation of the relationship of the tourist and the one to whom he goes. In addition to these additions, copies of all pages of the Turkmen civil passport of the person being the host will be required.

Still need to provide a certificate of incarceration or divorce. In the event that a person goes to the burial site, a copy of the death certificate will be required.

For treatment

Many people are also interested in the topic of how to get a visa to Turkmenistan, if you need to go there to solve health problems. Well, the main list of documents in this case is supplemented with three more titles.

It will be necessary to produce a statement on the form (it can be found on the embassy portal), as well as a certificate-direction, which is issued at the local polyclinic. There must also be an invitation from the health resort / sanatorium, where the person is sent.

It is important to know about one more nuance. Any invitation must be certified by the Migration Service of Turkmenistan. And in the event that a citizen intends to spend more than three months on his territory, he will need to attach to all previously listed documents a certificate of absence of HIV. In this regard, everything is serious. Needless to say, even if people traveling to Iran and Uzbekistan through Turkmenistan transit, you need to issue a visa (either tourist or "fast").

For a child

Talking about whether a visa is needed for Turkmenistan for Russians, it is worth noting the topic of trips with children. So, a child who is taken by a parent / guardian with him on a trip must have a personal passport. Also his name should be indicated in the invitation.

You will also need two of his color photos, the original and a photocopy of the birth certificate and parental passports. A document proving marriage is also necessary. If the relationship is officially terminated, you will need a certificate of divorce with the permission of the second parent for the removal of the child.

About prices

Now you can talk about how much visa processing in Turkmenistan will cost. It is worth noting that the cost for Russians rather big. For a visa upon arrival, for example, you will need to pay $ 35. It is valid for 10 days - we must remember this. If you need an ordinary, tourist (for 20 days), you will need to pay 45 dollars. Is a month-long stay on the territory of Turkmenistan planned? I'll have to give 55 dollars. Each subsequent day - another plus $ 1. This is expensive, since an ordinary tourist visa to any European country costs 35 euros and lasts for 90 days. It turns out that if a person wants to stay in the country for 3 months, he will have to pay $ 115 of consular fees.

But that's not all, what surprises Turkmenistan. A visa for Russians can be more expensive if a person needs a permit for multiple entry into the country. The most expensive option is a 3-month visa. It costs 155 dollars. For 60 days - $ 115. For a month - $ 75. Every additional 30 days cost 40 dollars.

But that's not all. For "urgency" also need to pay extra. The maximum amount is $ 120 (on the day of filing). The minimum is $ 40 (within a week). In general, the stamp is usually stamped in the next 10 days after submission of documents.

Where to go?

Documents should be brought to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Moscow. It is located in Philippovskiy Lane, 22. To begin with, you must register for an appointment. All information can be found either on the portal, or individually, by calling directly to the embassy. Or in the reference, which works on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. By the way, even in Moscow there is a Turkmen consulate, you can also go there. It is located in Maly Afanasyevsky lane, in the house No. 14/34 (building 1).

But not only in Moscow there are representations. One more is located in Astrakhan, on the first Arshanskaya street, in the house No. 11. But the principle is the same - you first need to make an appointment. And you need to arrive 10-15 minutes before the agreed time.

Other options for obtaining a visa

Many people do not want to waste time and nerves on the preparation of all previously listed documents, stand in line at the embassy, worry about whether they will approve the application. Although at certain points it is much easier to get a stamp in the passport for traveling to Turkmenistan than to European countries. You do not need a certificate of income confirmation, bank statement, hotel reservation and air tickets. But still, many decide to apply to the visa center of Turkmenistan in Moscow (or in other Russian cities).

Employees of these organizations prepare the applicant's documents themselves, write it down for a meeting at the embassy, and for an additional fee they also perform the entire procedure, without the presence of a person. The only thing that remains for their client is to come in a few days to the office and pick up the passport with the stamp already stamped. Very convenient and fast. But you have to pay for it. Service costs an average of 6-7 thousand rubles.

Work Visa

A couple of words worth mentioning about which documents are needed to obtain a work permit in Turkmenistan. Or, in other words, how to get a working visa.

The most important thing is the presence of an invitation from a Turkmen enterprise. And indeed, the direct employer is in charge of issuing a work visa. Tax is levied on it ($ 25 for each month of work of the foreigner). Documents are considered within one month from the moment of their submission.

If everything is in order, then the permit is issued for a year (as a maximum). If, then, after the expiration of the term, there is a need to extend it, then all documents are reapplied. To stay in Turkmenistan, the invited foreigner should be a respectable person, observe all the rules and laws of the state, because otherwise he may be refused a visa extension and deported to his homeland.

An invited person to issue a permit must submit a corresponding application in triplicate, a copy of the passport, an obligation, a copy of the diploma with a certified translation. If a specialist was invited as a manager, then documents from the parent company would be needed that would confirm the fact of occupying the position.

Other nuances

To convince representatives of the embassy that a person intends to return home from Turkmenistan, a certificate from the job placement will be needed. It must contain information about the position held, as well as salary and length of service. Is the person still studying? A certificate from the place of study is available, which can be ordered at the dean's office. And people who are on a well-deserved rest - a pension certificate. A person does not work and does not study? Well, there is a way out. He will need to prove his intention to return the presence of a family in Russia, propiska, property.

By the way, if you want to go to study in Turkmenistan, then first you need to contact the university, where the enrollment is planned. The university is obliged to invite the applicant. Upon admission, the student will be issued a long-term invitation, which will confirm his legal presence in the territory of the state and allow him to enter Turkmenistan.

As you can see, nothing difficult, if you follow the procedure and have all the necessary documents with you.

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