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With whatever gear and for whatever bait caught by an angler, his success almost entirely depends on how timely and clearly he captures the moment of biting.

In this issue, the fisherman is always helped by the bite alarm, which, although it can be made in the form of various designs, but always operates according to one principle.

When a fish swallows a bait, it does some strange movements with it for some time, while pulling or loosening the line.

The burglar alarm detects these changes in the tension and "informs" the fisherman about it, which should orient itself and cut it in time.

In float gear this "signaler" is a float, in bottom fishing there are their own - mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical burglar alarm, used with bottom gear, as a rule, is of several types, however, the main view is the sensitive end of the rod, which is usually made of duralumin and painted in bright color. Complete with a thin steel wire it is used during roach fishing, bream, and with a line - white cupid, crucian carp, carp. But they have one, but a significant disadvantage: they can only be used in standing water.

In order not to sit and watch all the time in one direction, some anglers make a homemade bait alarm, installing a bell on the fishing line, which notifies that the fish caught the hook. Most often it is used when several bottom fishing rods are placed along the shore at the same time , however, it has a disadvantage: the sound effect is obtained only from large or medium fish.

If fishing is performed with a hard spinning, then the best option is a bite alarm, like a nod. He is placed at the very top of the rod and passes a line through it. The nods are made of springs having different diameters and cross-section shapes. The main thing in the nod is its bright or contrasting color.

Today, many fishermen, when fishing carp, use such a bite alarm, like a swinger, which has become quite widespread. This is a small plastic head with a clip for the line. On the one hand, the lever is attached to a fixed weight, on the other hand it is connected via a hinge to the bracket, which is directly attached to the rod stand. Swingers rise when pulling the line and fall in the opposite case, without interfering with the cutting.

Previously, many fishermen made a bite alarm by their own hands, putting on the fishing line near the coil a foil, a branch or the top of a plastic bottle.

Of course, if there is nothing else at hand, such methods will be effective, but fishing technologies are constantly being modernized, so it would be irrational not to take advantage of factory alarms.

The concept of "electronic alarm" speaks for itself. The sound signal in such modern "informers" is obtained in different ways: it can be a photocell closing the wings of the contact wheel through which the line is passed, or the magnetic closure.

At present, bikers are sold in stores, which are electronic buzzers, a fishing line passes through them. When pulling, these devices emit a signal.

Many signaling devices work like roller sensors: a fishing line is pulled through a roller, which, rotating, closes the chain, and a signal is obtained.

Most models - swingers and bats - have a built-in LED that lights up when pokleve. This is very convenient, as it allows you to determine at night at which rod you are biting, and also to determine in advance the direction of movement of the fish.

Those who use electronic alarms, knows, one of the main characteristics for its trouble-free operation is moisture resistance.

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