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How to wind the line on the inertia reel correctly

Let's talk about one painful fishing problem today. Namely, how to wind a fishing line on the inertial coil. Unfortunately, among a huge number of fishermen, more than half of the fishing line or cord is wound up incorrectly, because many of them neglect this important moment.

We are winding correctly

So, you have an inertial coil in your hands. How to wind the line or cord on the spool correctly? First of all, it should be noted that both can be sold in a different version of unwinding. Let's consider the case when you bought a fishing line, the length of which is one hundred and fifty meters, and the spool, in turn, allows you to wind up two hundred and fifty meters of the same diameter.

Such a winding of the line on the inertial coil will leave a considerable distance to the edges of the spire of the spool. What does this entail? When you make a cast, the fishing line will rub against the edges with great force, as a result of which the casting distance will be significantly reduced, which is known to be very important and plays an important role in fishing efficiency.

Folk methods

How to get out of this situation? The first option, which is more rational, is to purchase a fishing line of the length that is provided by the manufacturer of your coil.

The second variant of how to wind a fishing line on an inertia-free coil in the case when it is of shorter length than that provided by the design is called backing. In fishermen, he is still jokingly called a winding in Russian. This means that the bobbin will be wound first on the spool, then the line or cord. Thus, the latter will be level with the rims.

As this winding in practice, all kinds of materials are used. It even comes to ridiculous. After all, people are not limited to one old fishing line. Very often in the course goes and the usual sewing thread, sticking plaster, tape, scotch tape and other materials, which, it would seem, do not have the slightest relation to fishing.

But since we began to talk with you about how to wind a fishing line on the inertial coil in a sophisticated way, then it is fair to tell about one more method. As a rewinding in this case, a bicycle camera will be used.

From it, rings are cut, the size of which should correspond to the size of the groove of the bobbin, after which they are worn on it in such a quantity that the wound line is at the level of the rim. This option deserves attention only because the rubber from which the bicycle camera is made does not absorb moisture, which can not be said, for example, about threads.

Determine the required quantity

In the case of the old fishing line, it is better to wind a new one first, then wind it on the old one to the very edge. So you determine how much rewinding material you will need. Re-unwind the old and new fishing line, and then place your materials in the right sequence (old line from the bottom, new from the top). Now you know how to wind the fishing line on the inertia reel correctly. Remember that this factor depends on the success of fishing, namely the number of fish caught.

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