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Bat - tattoo of bright individuals

Before choosing a tattoo, there are doubts about which image to prefer. Everyone knows that the drawing must convey the inner state, harmonize with the individuality. A bat is a tattoo that looks really cool. It indicates the sense of style and character of the possessor.

One should pay attention to the fact that a bat is the only mammal capable of flying. That is, people who choose this image for application on the body, have a bright personality. And such a tattoo is its manifestation.

Sensations caused by tattooing

At the sight of the image of a bat, there is a mystical or fantasy subtext. In fact, the bat is a tattoo that expresses a connection with something dark and mysterious. In this case, one can not doubt the qualities of the character of its owner. After all, when you look at her, it's blowing something special.

It does not matter whether the man has made a tattoo or a beautiful lady. In any case, this person is given special attention. A bat is a tattoo that captures the views of others. People involuntarily think about the relationship between the owner of the picture and something new.

Also, the image can carry a positive meaning. In this case, the bat is depicted in a friendly format. And when you look at her, there is usually no thought of mysticism.

Through the eyes of different peoples

A bat is a tattoo, the perception of which is different among residents of different countries. Understanding the symbol can be described as follows:

  1. In Ancient Greece, this drawing implied Artemis's virginity and fertility.
  2. Christians in the form of bats depict an evil spirit.
  3. The ancient peoples of Brazil believed that mammals are the descendants of hell and can absorb the sun.
  4. In ancient Rome, bats symbolized insight and fertility.
  5. Americans perceive the bat as a symbol of rebirth and death.
  6. The Chinese believe that this image attracts good luck, and also improves well-being. The owner of such a tattoo should have a quiet and long life, as well as health, happiness, wealth and luck.
  7. In Japan, bats are respected for their wisdom.

Choosing Men and Girls

The preferences of the representatives of both sexes are somewhat different. Men choose darker images. In doing so, they often make tattoos on their backs. They love to express power, strength, connection with mysticism with the help of the native images. At the same time, their tattoos can tacitly testify about the presence of dark forces, carry a threatening and deadly undertones in themselves.

Girls prefer more refined images. They prefer to apply a beautiful pattern of several bats to the skin. Also, images that are chosen by beautiful ladies are characterized by modern style.

The color scheme is black and brown. Often, this format depicts a drop of blood. For them, a red tint is preferred. Representatives of both sexes can also choose color images. Although usually it is dark colors that are attractive for this symbol.

Where is the tattoo performed?

Before applying the image, you should think about its location on the body. The drawing should look completely harmonious. Girls often choose the image of ascending bat flocks. Its dimensions vary depending on the chosen place. For placement fit side, shoulder, ankle, wrist, leg. A bat on his hand can also be a choice of fine ladies. Pretty attractive looks a flock, shown behind the ear.

Men choose more open manifestations of this symbol. Usually they prefer to apply a close-up image. Therefore, choose a larger space. They make tattoos on their backs. Also, men can choose the back, the shoulder, and sometimes the chest or neck.

The meaning of tattoos on the body of each person individually. It implies the qualities that the owner invests in him. Therefore, the question of what a tattoo bat means, there is no single answer. It can not be said that this or that image means something definite. What one person sees in the figure may not completely coincide with the sensations of the other. After all, perception is purely individual. One person chooses the image because of threatening mysticism, and the other - for luck.

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