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Staphylococcus in the throat: symptoms and ways of treatment.

Staphylococcus in the throat is a disease characterized by the formation of a conditionally pathogenic microflora, that is, of microorganisms that are activated due to deterioration in the general state of the person or undermining the immune system.

The most dangerous is the golden staphylococcus in the throat, the development of which leads to the formation of abscesses. This species got its name because of the characteristic difference of the pathogen under repeated magnification under a microscope: it has a golden hue. Active reproduction of microorganisms contributes to the appearance of purulent sore throat. The disease of this kind has a pronounced symptomatology, and in most cases complications occur. And if there is a rash on the body, then we can say that the consequence of infection was scarlet fever.

Staphylococcus in the throat: symptoms.

Against the background of a general malaise, a person's temperature rises sharply, which is accompanied by dizziness while trying to rise abruptly from bed. Typical reddening of the throat and swelling of the tonsils, which subsequently formed a purulent coating. The appetite disappears and there is a sharp pain when swallowing. At a primary examination, swelling of lymph nodes is noted.

If you contact the therapist in time and follow all the prescribed directions, you can get rid of the general symptoms of the disease in a week. A complete cure with cleansing of the tonsils from pus comes in a maximum of two weeks.

Staphylococcus in the throat: treatment.

Usually, a specialist prescribes antibiotics to cope with the overwhelmed infection and prevent a relapse, at least for the near future. This takes into account the individual intolerance of the components of the drug, so each patient is selected a special set of treatment. Dosage is also established by the attending physician depending on the weight and age category.

Rinsing is used as an auxiliary means to treat a disease such as staphylococcus in the throat. Excellent properties have a solution of chlorophyllipt, which contains eucalyptus leaves. Means of traditional medicine are considered good helpers. First of all, you should include in your daily diet foods containing vitamins in large quantities. Many doctors recommend paying attention to the black currant, because this berry absorbed a variety of useful substances and trace elements and, mainly, vitamin C. It can be eaten as a separate dish, or add to the tea grated berries with sugar. And, of course, rose hip tea has long been famous for its miraculous properties.

Staphylococcus in the throat of children.

Often found this disease in children, because they are at such a young age trying to learn the world, using all their receptors. The immune system of a small person is not fully formed, so the process of infection occurs quickly. As you know, this infection can be transmitted by airborne droplets, through mucous membranes and even dirty hands.

Staphylococcus becomes the causative agent of many diseases in infants, for example, such as enterocolitis, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, and dysbacteriosis. For enterocolitis characterized by restless condition, bloating, loose stools, nausea and vomiting. Such a disease is considered extremely dangerous, so it is better to immediately consult a pediatrician. When pus appears on the mucous membrane of the eye, conjunctivitis is diagnosed. Food poisoning occurs when bacteria are transported through certain foods, especially cakes and butter-cake cakes and fatty canned foods. Dysbacteriosis occurs when the balance of metabolism in the body is disturbed.

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