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Broccoli cabbage - recipes for delicious cuisine

According to experts on healthy nutrition, the basis of the right menu is vegetables, fruits and all kinds of cereals. We will not focus on how useful this is. After all, this article is culinary, so we are more interested in taste aspects. In addition, the more appetizing the dish looks, the better it is absorbed by the body. This is also a long-established fact. Today the heroine of our culinary essay is the broccoli cabbage, recipes for which we took away for you.

Gratin from vegetables

The beautiful French name of the dish means just a simple casserole. As a rule, cream, cheese and eggs are used for its preparation. To make vegetable gratin, you need two kinds of cabbage: color and broccoli, 500 g each, ham - 150 g, eggs - 2 pcs, cheese any (solid) - 100 grams, cream 10% - 1 tbsp, nutmeg, pepper , Salt, herbs dried or fresh.

We cleaned cabbage, boiled in salted water for about five to seven minutes and put it in a mold, salt, pepper, and sprinkled with herbs. We spread the ham from the top, cut into strips. Eggs beat, mix with cream and pour cabbage. We rub the nutmeg and add it to the casserole. Prepare the dish for 20 minutes.

Broccoli cabbage - recipes of Italian cuisine

The combination of pasta with vegetables only at first glance looks unusual. In fact, broccoli with cheese and pasta is very tasty and useful.
In addition, such a hearty dish can be used both as a side dish and on its own.

To make it, you need 300 grams of broccoli (quite suitable and frozen product), pasta "perishki" - 400 g, butter - 1 tbsp. L., a small onion, cream - 1 item, grated cheese - 100 g, pepper and salt, thyme, basil.

Cut the cabbage into small pieces, put it into a sieve and lower it into boiling water for five minutes. Shink onions and fry together with cabbage in butter until the vegetables are very soft. Add cheese and cream and cook under the lid for another five minutes. Grind greens, add to vegetables, salt and pepper.
We boil the macaroni al-dente (not making it to the full readiness), washed and spread in a frying pan to the vegetables. Stir and serve on the table, sprinkled with grated cheese.

Broccoli cabbage - recipes for diet foods

Salad with pasta - it's unusual, nutritious and tasty. By the way, pasta in combination with vegetables is a completely dietary dish, so that they can eat heartily, without fear for their waist.

The main components of such salads, of course, are boiled pasta and broccoli. The rest of the ingredients can be selected to your taste. Perfect for this purpose tomatoes, cucumbers, spicy greens, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, Bulgarian pepper. As a dressing, use not mayonnaise, but a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. A spicy note to the prepared dish will give spicy greens, chili peppers or sweet paprika.

Broccoli cabbage, unlike color, does not need long cooking, it is enough to put out 5-7 minutes.

Broccoli stew with cream sauce

This dish is prepared very quickly, the whole process will not take thirty minutes. In addition, there are very few calories in it, so you can safely serve it for dinner.

For preparation it is required: broccoli - 600 g, small carrots, onion, mushrooms - 200 g, sunflower oil, cream cheese - 400 grams, milk - 100 ml, pinch of turmeric, pepper and salt to taste.

Mushrooms and onions finely chopped, heated in a frying pan and fry the mixture. After a while we add there grated carrots. After the vegetables become soft, put broccoli separated into small inflorescences, add milk, cheese and cover with a lid. At the very end, add turmeric, a little salt and pepper.
You can serve with rice or as a separate dish.

Very similar in taste to cauliflower and broccoli. Recipes that are used for one are great for the other.

Bon Appetit!

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