Ritmix wireless headphones: review, description, models and reviews

Quality headphones will be useful for any person who likes to listen to music at maximum volume, but for some reasons can not do it with the help of external speakers. The purchase of such a device will give every chance to enjoy every note of any composition. In order not to regret the purchased device, but only to enjoy it, you need to look at some models from Ritmix. Headphones of this manufacturer can be bought in almost any store specializing in such a technique. It should be noted that each device is given a warranty of one year. The device will allow you to enjoy your favorite compositions at any time. If you choose a wireless device that works on bluetooth module or Wi-Fi, then this convenience will increase several times.

Ritmix RH-702

This model of the brand Ritmix - headphones, which received an interesting feature. This is an automatic shutdown if the device is not used for a while. In addition, the headphones have the function of monitoring the signal that they receive. They are able to automatically adjust the frequencies and show how charged the battery is. This model differs from many others in that it received a huge working radius - up to 100 meters. Thanks to this, each user can move freely around the room. This model from Ritmix - headphones, which suit music lovers who prefer to listen to music and do their own thing. They will give you complete freedom of action. The frequency range of the device is from 10 Hz to 22 thousand Hz. The model can work up to 15 hours with active use, installed 2 batteries.

Ritmix RH-711

The model with the index RH-711 can be used with almost any technique. It's about computers, players, TVs and other devices. Ear pads are made of pleasant and soft material. With prolonged use, they give maximum comfort. Together with stationary equipment, judging by the feedback, this model can also be used with portable devices. Phones, laptops and smartphones will be excellent "friends" for this device.

Ritmix RH-721

The manufacturer claims that the device with the index RH-721 was designed for those who have an increased requirement for the quality of each reproduced composition. The frequency range varies from 10 Hz to 24 thousand Hz. The percentage of sound distortion is 0.4%, which is an excellent indicator. Moreover, the model from Ritmix - headphones, which received an active noise suppression system. Due to this, you can fully concentrate on the reproduced composition. The model is harmoniously combined with any device: whether it's a TV, phone, player or various stereo systems.

Ritmix RH-557

The set of this device includes an adapter, a wire and a warranty card. The box in which the device is supplied has a stylish cover. She immediately attracts the eye.

The average cost of the model is 2 thousand rubles. The assembly and materials used to create the headphones are quite high quality. This is also confirmed by consumer feedback. On the cups there is a metal insert, the ear cushions are made of a leather substitute, and plastic was also used.

Ergonomics at a good level. The headphones do not put much pressure on the head, they sit comfortably. Although the device type is "closed", but with noise isolation, serious problems. The wire is red; It does not change. By itself, it is strong enough.

The sound is impressive. There are some problems, but the price category fully justifies them. Basses are sometimes audible, sometimes not, buyers complain about it. High frequencies are muted. To listen to the song with their abundance, you'll have to make the volume to the maximum.

Headphones Ritmix, reviews about which are often positive, perfectly cope with their main task. The frequency range is from 8 Hz to 30,000 Hz. The cord is long enough - 3 meters. This model is suitable for listening to music, and for watching TV shows or movies. Audiophiles do not appreciate such a device, but ordinary fans of songs will obviously be delighted with such a gift. Although this brand is not known in wide circles, it is worth paying attention to this model. She will exceed all expectations.

Headphones Ritmix RH-508

The device of this model is a closed-type headphone. They work great both with players, and with any other technique. In order for sound transmission to be at the best level, innovative technologies are also used. They allow you to make playback more believable and accurate. The device has a folding structure. The cups can turn, this provides a more comfortable fit.

Ritmix RH-722

The Ritmix RH-722 headphones have excellent playback quality, and they have won the love of consumers. They got the function of built-in radio; Clearance - a closed type. The device has no wires, so you need to talk about the quality of the connection. The transmission radius is not more than 50 meters. Communication is rarely interrupted for unknown reasons, which confirms the feedback. Automatic functions such as tuning of the fed frequencies, switching on, monitoring the received signal from the base, selecting the necessary channel are also installed. Charge the battery for a long time, about 5-8 hours.

The kit includes a headset, a 3.5 mm cord, two adapters, and a power supply. Of course, a couple of batteries are also supplied.

The wireless headphones Ritmix are attached to the headband, they do not create any discomfort. Model type is dynamic. Long-term use gives only a feeling of comfort. Cups are comfortable.

If you take care of these headphones, they will serve the consumer for about two years. Most often, judging by the reviews, batteries become unusable. Therefore, they must be treated with care and constantly monitor their condition.

If we talk in general about this model, then the technical characteristics at the average level. Similar wireless headphones are sold at any store. Consumers put the described device 7 points out of 10.

What pleases in this model? The fact that for a low price the quality of playback is really high. You can buy the device in any store. The average cost of 2 thousand rubles.

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