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Mysterious crop circles - what is it?

It must be that everyone has already heard about this unusual phenomenon, like crop circles, which arise by themselves under the most mysterious circumstances. For the first time they were discovered about thirty years ago, and since then this topic has been unquestionably popular. There are many theories of the origin of these drawings. For the most interesting and unexpected ones, read this article.


Crop circles found in England in 1972, two hunters for UFOs - Bruce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood. They noticed that on the field near them the spikes began to bend spontaneously, forming an even circle.

Since then, these drawings began to appear in many other countries - France, Holland, Germany, Russia, Japan, Canada. To date, recorded more than nine thousand such images.

Invented even the science that explores these phenomena - Cereology (Ceres - the goddess of fertility in ancient Rome).


There are a lot of assumptions and guesses about this. Creation of circles to whom only is not attributed - from UFOs to ants and even hedgehogs. Many people tend to think that the interpretation of crop circles lies in the impact of natural forces, for example, tornadoes or ozone depletion. Another reason is the effect of certain unknown fields - energy or information fields.

A rather interesting fact is that circles on the fields most often appear on the energy lines of the Earth or in the area of places of power: in England, for example, such places are the druid mounds and ancient sites.

On the other hand, back in 1686 Robert Plot, professor of chemistry, wrote that crop circles may appear because lightning, bursting in clouds in the form of a circle, emits a bundle of energy that enters the ground and leaves a trail of characteristic shape . He also noticed that in some cases this bundle can acquire a rectangular shape.

How to distinguish real circles from counterfeit ones?

Many organizations that want to become famous, often artificially create images in the fields - because it's not so difficult. But real experts can always determine whether circles are made by a person or appeared by themselves. Here are some of the criteria:

  • The spikes are not cut off, but are bent approximately five centimeters from the ground, and almost at right angles.
  • In plants, cavities appear, as if they were heated from the inside.
  • The radioactive background in the neighborhood rises by about three times.
  • Signs in the fields occur most often at night, less often in the early morning, and in just a few seconds.
  • The increase in infrared radiation both inside the figure and at some distance from the outside is fixed.


If we compare the figures of different years, it becomes obvious that they tend to become more complicated, they often encode different theorems or proportions. The spikes in the figures can be wrapped in a spiral, in which the logarithmic proportions used in the Fibonacci numbers are clearly visible .

There are a lot of different versions of the appearance of circles, although none of them can be called 100% true - this phenomenon has not been studied to the end. It remains only to hope that soon this mystery will be revealed.

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