Chamomile wedding. Romance and tenderness in one bottle

What kind of weddings you will not see now! Brides in red and black dresses, couples in jeans and sneakers, or even in carnival costumes. But all this is, frankly, pall. And now the future newlyweds are going to storm all sorts of sources in search of interesting and original ideas for their weddings. One possible solution is a chamomile wedding. This idea is not new, but also not beaten, and therefore it is perceived fresh, original and, of course, on "hurray!"

Chamomile wedding, or How to get married beautifully

What lies beneath it, it is clear from the title. Everything - from the outfits of the bride and groom and to the design of the wedding cake - should be decorated with chamomile. Or at least match these delicate colors by the color scheme.

Wedding in chamomile style - useful tips:

  1. Any wedding, prepared in the framework of any one idea, should be carefully thought out: any inappropriate stroke will immediately strike the eye.
  2. It would be very good to ask for help from professionals - they have considerable experience in the preparation and holding of thematic events, and that is why they would certainly be happy to give all 100 to meet your expectations and your fee.
  3. Independently prepare for the celebration of the daisy wedding is also possible, good, there are enough examples.
  4. But, of course, you need to add something to your holiday: it's your wedding and copy someone else's celebration - not a very good idea. Read the information on this flower: what it symbolizes from different peoples. What rituals associated with chamomile are known to the world. Remember traditional guessing on a camomile and ask, whether there are no any more variants to learn the destiny by means of this flower - in a word, collect the information! Something is right for you.
  5. Stock up with the appropriate attributes for various competitions.
  6. Prizes for winners are appropriate to hand in bags decorated with artificial camomiles, or in envelopes with an appropriate print.
  7. To use for competitions better artificial camomiles: such flowers will not lose their appearance, they will not leave stains on hands and clothes, they will not cause allergies and will not spoil the banquet hall with fallen leaves and petals.

Making a chamomile wedding

The first and most important thing is to decide on the color scheme. Chamomile wedding does not mean that everything around should be overloaded with daisies. On the contrary, it's better to avoid excesses, so that in the future this cute flower evoked warm memories from you, and not the desire to never see it again.

Remember the daisy: white petals, yellow center and green stem. Here you have the basic colors of your wedding! And the daisies look great against the background of the blue sky. Or in a bouquet with cornflowers. Fantasize and try to avoid banality!

Having chosen the basic colors, start to think over your outfits. Think about the design of the dress and the costume combined with the field flower. It will be reasonable to replace the diamond diadem with a delicate wreath, a complex hairstyle - for loose curls.

Of course, the witnesses of the bride and groom must match the theme of the holiday. Well, if the rest of the guests do not stay aloof. However, down with fanaticism: do not force everyone to dress up to match the daisies. Let only a few people dress in the same style - they will become the main characters of the celebration.

Chamomile theme - a fertile soil: you can come up with a lot of things. Arrange a brainstorming session by connecting friends and friends to the case. Write down all the ideas without exception - even those that at first seem delusional to you. After a few days, reread the list: you'll see, the holiday's plot and its design will go by themselves!

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