Boutonniere groom - a symbol of celebration!

Wedding! At one mention about it in imagination there is an image of the bride which is unimaginably beautiful in the white dress and with a tiara on a head. But do not forget about the groom. For him, this day is no less significant. We used to see the groom in a classic suit. But what will make an ordinary costume festive and elegant? This is the boutonniere of the groom!

This wedding accessory will be a perfect addition to any costume. Boutonniere fiance simulates a bouquet of flowers, which emphasizes your alliance with the bride. Thanks to it you will look harmonious. Separate mini-bouquets can be decorated and attire of witnesses.

All responsibility for carrying out the wedding rests on the shoulders of witnesses. Their outfits should also be decorated in honor of the celebration. Boutonniere for witnesses will help them stand out from the crowd of guests. But in the case of a witness, she must by no means coincide with the groom's decoration design. This accessory must be exclusive. It is this detail that will give a luxurious look to his image.

Boutonniere can be chosen by yourself, but in some shops you are offered them in the kit, which is already pre-selected for costumes. The bouquet design should be restrained and luxurious and testify to the unsurpassed taste. As a rule, they make up a uniform composition with a bouquet of the bride . Boutonniere groom - a luxurious and exquisite accessory that will allocate it.

Especially popular accessories are white roses. They symbolize pure and strong love. They will be especially noticeable in a black tuxedo. There is no man to whom he does not fit, so you can consider this option the most optimal. Boutonniere of fresh flowers requires special attention. It is better to stock up two, because they can lose shape and wilt.

In addition to white roses, you can use other flowers, or several types. It will look very unusual. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Boutonniere came to us from a long time. Then they were worn by soldiers and poets. Live flowers, according to legend, frightened off evil spirits. At the same time they saved from unpleasant odors. Already in those days, men paid attention to accessories to look more elegant. With them, any outfit will look fresh and attractive.

Boutonniere should not be fanciful and lush. It is better to choose a small one, but that it fits into the overall picture. Florists offer a huge variety of mini-bouquets. They can be based on wild flowers and exotic plants. Such an exclusive element will attract attention.

It is not necessary to save on the most memorable day on such an important accessory as the groom's buttonhole. The price of it depends on its composition and composition. For example, exotic flowers will cost more. You can save it, and it will remind you of the day when you joined your destinies. It will become a symbol of your love, and therefore think about whether it is worth saving even on such trifles?

Boutonniere groom - a symbol of true and eternal love. With each glance at her you understand how much she has tenderness and charm. It will make your embrace with the bride even more pleasant and tighter.

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