How to Choose the Right Notebook?

So, you decided to buy a laptop. You should approach this process carefully and without haste. Since, according to our law, a laptop is a technically complex product and is exchanged for another within two weeks, if you do not like it, it will not work out.

A normal laptop, so as not to work like a turtle, you can buy in the offerings of 20 to 25 thousand rubles. Cheaper 20 thousand laptops are sold either with a dead processor, or with a built-in video card and play toys you will not succeed. At least not all. Over 25 thousand you can buy a gaming model of the laptop, in order to play almost any toys.

The laptop processor is better to take core i5 or i3 and that the frequency of each core is not less than 2.5, the closer it is to 3 GHz the better. Otherwise, the laptop will be very slow. The second moment should be an external video card from Radeon or GeForce. If it's GeForce, then take a 540 or 640 graphics card. If the means allow that 550 or 650. RAM should be 4 GB and a hard disk with a capacity of 500 GB. If any of the parameters will have a greater value, then this is even better.

Pay attention to the presence of broken pixels (dots) on the screen, which are highlighted by some color. Under the warranty rules, if they are less than or equal to three, then under warranty you will not change the laptop, so look immediately before you give money for the laptop.

Also check the webcam, ask the seller to have it turned on, some webcams from laptops show frankly poor or with a very long delay of 4-5 seconds. Also check out the Wi-Fi and bluetooth. In general, take your time and ask the seller to check if possible all the possibilities of the laptop. Otherwise, then, if there is a jamb and you bring the laptop back, you will wait up to 45 calendar days.

It is better to take a specialist with you, paying him a few hundred rubles, he can help you save a few thousand rubles. If you are from Volzhsky, Volgograd or Sredney Akhtuba, then contact us for computer help . Also our company will supply you with the necessary programs and antivirus for protection. You are interested in computer help and are interested in the question of how to choose the right laptop? Just contact us.

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