How do I repair my laptop keyboard with my own hands?

The most common reason for a broken keyboard on a laptop computer is a problem with the conductive tracks inside it. Often people spill on this device tea, coffee, compote. Paths rot, their closure occurs. Is it possible to repair the notebook keyboard in this case?

Where to begin?

Let's see how to act:

1. Flush the device with distilled water.

2. Dry with a hairdryer.

3. Leave for several days.

What to do next?

If the steps taken did not help, then you will have to continue repairing the laptop keyboard. It will be necessary to disassemble the device and try to restore the tracks. Stock up with special conductive glue. It is used by a car repairman to repair tracks that heat the rear windows of cars. Proceed to disassemble the keyboard.

Remove the lid, now you need to dismantle the keys. Each key has two parts. They are called "platform" and "elevator". Sometimes a spring-loaded element is added. Good for anything like a dental hook or a thin screwdriver, for example, an hour. The "platform" is connected to the "elevator" by latches (3-4 points of contact). With three connections, one is movable, and at four - two.

Next stage

Remove the "lifts". Further all is not so difficult. Your eyes will open fastenings, some of which are mobile, and some are not. It's easier to work with static ones. Modern keyboards "lifts" can not only rise / fall, but also move. In this case, you need to push the maximum movable part, its attachment will go beyond the frame (holding). Lift the "elevator", and then try to release from the vice the part that is stationary. Then remove the part with the spring elements and the boards with the tracks.

An Important Moment

Repairing the laptop keyboard of an older type may be different. They are characterized by an intermediate stage, which consists in extracting the edging made of plastic. You will need a soldering iron, a hair dryer can come up. It is necessary to melt the plastic that is behind the keyboard. When assembling it is also necessary to melt the fittings a little, so that they become "hats". If it does not, then it's recommended to drop superglue.

Next, we will deal with plastic cards with paths. There are 3 parts. At two tracks, the third one does not. The latter plays the role of a gap. The first two are united into a single whole. Where there is a bend, the connecting paths are located.

Again, there are exceptions for older models. They have three parts do not glue together, there are 2 or 3 point glues. Repair laptop keyboard in this case should be done like this:

"You can not just pull the boards to disconnect." Too high risk to damage the tracks where the intersection with the glue. Take a hair dryer and an ordinary stationery knife.

- Carefully separate the layers, start from the corners of the polyethylene part. Warm up with glue, and then separate the desired area.

- Do not hurry. Of course, a broken track can be restored, but if there are many of them - this will be a problem and you will have an excuse to find out how much it costs to repair a laptop keyboard or replace it.

Restoring tracks

After disconnecting all layers, see if there is any liquid left that has been spilled. All wash and dry. The damaged track is immediately visible. But check with the tester. The theory says that you need to redraw all the tracks again, but in practice it is difficult, because they are too close. This is not necessary, if you have all been washed and then dried, the corrosion process is stopped. The correct track has a minor ground (or zero). 1-2 Ohm - not critical, the tester should show a short circuit. It is necessary to lead the path from above to the damaged one. Suppose it rotted to the contact site itself, then you need to use a scalpel to clean the area. After the glue dries, check everything again. After all has dried, in a few hours you can collect the polyethylene part. It is necessary to lay it on a pallet of aluminum. Apply the part with the spring elements. Now, plug everything in carefully, test your laptop. You can use the usual Notepad program for this, but there is also KeyboardTest - this is a special program. If everything turned out, turn off the computer, disconnect the keyboard, complete the assembly. Note that there is a special feature when installing "sites". They should be installed after the installation of "elevators". Lower them in the center of the spring-loaded element, then push the pad down until it clicks.

In case of failure, do not worry, you can always contact the service, where you can help repair the keyboard of a laptop Samsung or any other manufacturer.

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