Laptop ASUS N55S: specifications, review and reviews

Each individual company tries to surprise and interest its admirer with something new and unusual, so that there are no competitors. In the case of the Asus brand, we see one of the interesting and noteworthy representatives of the series - the ASUS N55S, which impresses the user not only with its multifunctionality, but also with an amazing acoustic system. The bait is more than tempting. But let's try to figure out whether this is really so.

So, the hero of today's review is the ASUS N55S laptop : features, noteworthy nuances, expert opinions along with reviews of gadget owners.


The company moved away from the traditionally strict style, which was viewed throughout the N-line, slightly diluting the new model with small, but pleasant chips in the face of smooth panels and contrasting tones. The case of ASUS N55S is made partly of durable plastic and aluminum alloy with a plain surface. The laptop is black, as night, around the perimeter, except for the brand logo of the brand. The only thing that betrays contrast and distinguishes it from the general mass is the chrome ends, which add to the general entourage a share of originality, severity and solidity.

The working area is filled with light tones: the keyboard, speakers and the bottom of the display have a beautiful and rich silvery color. This is in perfect harmony with the black platform, where the manipulator with diode sensors is located. In general, designers managed to combine the ASUS N55S style with elegance, while leaving a little pretentiousness.


The screen has standard features for 15.6-inch displays: resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels with widescreen HD-mapping at 16: 9. There is a LED backlight with an acceptable level of contrast and brightness. And the colors on the output are saturated and with a clear picture. The only thing that complains the owners of ASUS N55S (reviews they leave willingly) is a mirror surface of the display, which is distinguished by its marquee and highlights. Therefore, to work on a sunny day, the device clearly does not fit.

The company went to meet their fans and equipped the variational models with other screens. For example, the N55SF series comes in two forms: with a resolution of 1600 at 900 points and with 1920 at 1080 pixels. And the screen is more or less free from glare and to some extent from marchiness. But once it is worth noting that the price of such devices will be appropriate.


The notebook ASUS N55S is equipped with a very interesting and remarkable acoustic system. In addition to the usual acoustics used in previous generations (SonicMaster), the new models have a top system from the Danish company Bang & Olufsen ICE Power. Due to excellent stereo speakers and an external subwoofer at the output, we get a vibrant and powerful sound with good volume and an excellent balance of bass and treble. As a result, when listening to tracks or viewing a video of the appropriate quality, you are guaranteed unforgettable impressions and sensations. Whatever you say, and the "revolutionary" acoustic system ASUS N55S is the main feature of the device.

Input Devices

The keyboard of the laptop can easily be called ergonomic due to the large size of the keys. Here you can include clear and understandable marking and the optimal distance between all buttons in the work area.

The company abandoned the island type, making the surface of the keyboard flat. Also, many owners in their reviews note the existence of a digital unit, which can not but rejoice. The only thing that is difficult to get used to, especially during the quick typing is the location of the navigation arrows, which partially come to the namad. In any case, after a few days of "training" the problem will disappear by itself.


The appearance of the manipulator interested a lot of users. At first glance it is an ordinary touchpad. But with detailed analysis, only the borders are viewed from three sides: the upper part adjacent to the blank is not marked and not marked. It is original and in some cases very convenient. The manipulator itself is sensitive enough and has an intelligent design for high-quality positioning. With vertical scrolling, no problems were noticed, even with missing markings.


The models are equipped with a preinstalled operating system Windows 7 version of 64 bits. Performance is built on the basis of second-generation processors from Intel Core i3-2310M with proven and well-proven (but slightly outdated) Sandy Bridge architecture.

Thanks to the advanced multi-threaded system, the chip copes with almost any task posed: both simple and gaming. Also on board is 4 GB of DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1333 MHz. If there is a desire, then you can add another bar to 8 GB total. The basic version comes with a hard drive of 320 GB, but there are options for 500 and 1 TB.

For graphics is the discrete mid-range GT-555M video card from Nvidia with 2 GB of DDR3 memory on board. The chip is built on the architecture of Fermi, so it will pull on medium-high settings such games as "StarCraft 2" and "Metro 2033". Naturally, with the viewing of the video there will be no problems.

Autonomous work

The laptop has a proprietary lithium-ion battery ASUS N55S for six sections with a capacity of 5200 mAh. In standard power saving mode, when the network is connected and watching the video, the device will last about four hours. In standby mode, the laptop will stay up to two weeks.


As a multimedia entertainment center, the model suits as well as possible - excellent acoustics and a quality display will give you many unforgettable evenings, dive into the world of virtual entertainment. The merits of the device can be attributed really ergonomic keyboard, an interesting and attractive design, along with a relatively powerful stuffing. In general, a laptop costs money spent on it. He recovers his investments with efficiency.

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