How to connect a monitor to a laptop?

We can say that the laptop is an improved version of a personal computer, because everything is already built in: a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse, a drive for disks and other elements of additional equipment for a conventional computer. However, the capabilities of the laptop can be improved by connecting additional devices to it, for example, an external monitor. It is necessary to present various presentations and projects that can be visually demonstrated to more people. How to connect a monitor to a laptop, you can read in the article below.

How to connect a monitor to a laptop?

If you sometimes wonder: "How to connect a monitor to a laptop, is it difficult or not?", You know, this operation is very simple and does not take you much time. Practically in any laptop there are several special connectors, one of which is just necessary for connection to an external monitor or a projector. However, do not immediately rush to insert the plug from the monitor into the connector on the laptop, you must first take a few actions.

First , disconnect the laptop and monitor, in a sense, completely disconnect from the power, then connect the connectable monitor to the VGA-connector of the laptop, and then turn on the monitor, and then the laptop. Practically in eighty percent of cases on the connected monitor there will be a necessary image. If not, you will have to manually adjust the image.

Switching the image from the laptop to an external monitor in almost all cases, regardless of the model, is the same. Only a combination of special keys located on the built-in keyboard can change directly. Basically, these are the keys in the line from F1 to F12, on which are drawn small graphic images that characterize the function of the key. These keys work only when you simultaneously press a special Fn key and the one you need, for example, F8. On this key F8, switching the image from the laptop screen to an external monitor, the screen / monitor or monitor / monitor is most often displayed.

Restarting the system and pressing the necessary keys, you, in theory, switch the image from the laptop screen to a separately connected monitor. If the desired image does not yet appear on the external display, do not assume that the faulty setting of the laptop screen is all to blame; Perhaps the monitor just does not fit your laptop's video card.

How to set up an external monitor?

Having understood the connection of an external monitor to the laptop, also try to properly adjust the monitor itself, so that the image transmitted from the laptop was as clear and quality as possible. For example, you can use the standard resolutions of monitors on your external display, but still the quality of the resulting image will suffer, so it is desirable that your monitor resolution is not below 1280 by 1024 pixels. In addition, special attention should be paid to the refresh rate of the screen. Its good value can be considered 70 Hertz, but still it is desirable to choose the refresh rate of the screen to the maximum possible value.

The same important aspect of setting the external display is adjusting the brightness and contrast. In order to properly configure them, you need to use special buttons located on the front of the monitor. Do not choose a too low value for brightness, because because of it, the sight of any person looking at information in the monitor for a long time is very seriously overstrained.

Here, perhaps, and all the recommendations that should be adhered to, so now you are extremely clear how to connect the monitor to the laptop.

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