Sample estimates for the renovation of the apartment: the possible nuances of the process

Repair of any apartment is a simple and complex business at the same time. The owner and designers are faced with a difficult task - to decide what materials to give preference to, how to correctly divide the rest zones and sleep, cooking and receiving guests. The sample of the estimate for repair of an apartment usually includes a lot of nuances.

One-room or multi-room apartment?

If you intend to redesign multi-room housing, the sample estimate for repairing an apartment is a fairly complex and voluminous document, because each room can serve a specific purpose, and therefore, the design of all of them will be special. One-bedroom apartment involves the unification of all necessary premises within a few tens of square meters, which is also quite difficult.

Types of repair

In general, the problem is only in the budget, so it is important to at least roughly imagine what the basic items include a sample estimate for repairing an apartment. The wider your financial possibilities, the more topics and variations in the content of the estimate may be. A sufficient amount allows you to realize any ideas and achieve any goals. However, before making an estimate for the repair of an apartment, you should determine its type:

  • cosmetic;
  • capital;
  • European-quality repair.

Cosmetic repair is the least expensive way to modernize your apartment. Most often it includes only an external change: wallpapering, the organization of a new ceiling cover, replacement of sanitary ware and individual accessories. Sample estimates for the repair of an apartment of this type is extremely simple and is based on the list of materials and the works themselves. To save the implementation of individual construction processes with their own hands, without involving professional repairmen. For example, painting the floor, pasting wallpaper.

Overhaul is a longer and more difficult process. Here, redevelopment, dismantling of walls, organization of partitions, installation of new elements of sanitary ware, finishing works are possible.

Features euro-repair

In general, the renovation of the capital is practically no different. The difference is only in the use of the most modern and high-quality materials. Renovation is considered the most expensive, however, and durability, external appeal and quality will be on top. The estimate of repair of an apartment in a new building in accordance with European standards is somewhat expensive. It is assumed that professional materials and equipment will be used, and all repair work will be undertaken by experts. All this and causes a fairly high cost.

It should be understood that each person can make cosmetic repairs themselves, but in capital or euros, professionals can not do without. Reshaping a home is a complex process, which only experts can do.

Sample of the estimate

It should be understood that each type of work implies the drawing up of a separate expenditure plan. The total cost of repairs will depend on the total cost of the conversion of the ceiling, the floors, the decoration of the walls, the installation of lighting, etc. For example, in the case of ceiling work, the sample estimate for the renovation of an apartment may include the following items:

  • Installation of a ceiling box;
  • Mounting angle;
  • Priming of the box;
  • Putty box;
  • Priming of the box;
  • Pasting the box with wallpaper;
  • Painting of the box;
  • Installation of a ceiling skirting board;
  • The color of the plinth.

Of course, this estimate is only one of the possible options.

In addition, in the estimate mandatory mandatory units for each type of work, the amount of material. As for price indicators, the cost of one unit and the total amount of costs at each stage of repair should be reflected.

At the end of the estimate, you can see the total number of materials and their total cost. Of course, this value will be approximate. During the repair process, the cost may vary slightly, but usually these variations are insignificant.

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