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Papillomas during pregnancy - is it necessary to remove

It should be noted that papillomas during pregnancy do not carry a threat to the health of the future mother or to the fetus itself. Undoubtedly, the given baby can get infected with this virus, however, only with the birth itself. In utero, this infection is not transmitted.

External manifestation of the disease

Papillomas during pregnancy are manifested as a rash of warts throughout the body, including mucous membranes. Specialists claim that papillomavirus is present in 92% of the inhabitants of our planet. If a person once infected him, then he will be present in his body throughout his life. It is noteworthy that in some people the virus does not appear externally at all, while others have warts all over the body.

Papillomas during pregnancy. What to do?

  • As already noted above, when a virus is detected directly in the period of bearing a baby in the womb, one should not worry. The danger can arise only with the birth itself, and even if there are warts on the vagina.

  • Experts recommend that during pregnancy, not to think about a problem like papillomas during pregnancy, it is necessary to undergo a timely examination. So, if a virus is detected, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. However, in this kind of situation, the conception of the baby will have to be postponed for the entire period of therapy. The thing is that doctors often prescribe a drug called "Podophyllotoxin," which is categorically contraindicated to the fetus.

  • In the event that papillomas were found during pregnancy, as a rule, treatment is postponed until the 28th week (it is until this time that a woman with such a virus stays under the close supervision of a gynecologist). Taking into account that during the period of carrying out the crumbs, the drug "Podophyllotoxin" is strictly contraindicated, it is more likely that the specialists will select a more conservative, non-medicamentous therapy, for example, removal of nitrogen from the papillomas .

Does the virus affect the fetus itself?

Absolutely not. But, on the other hand, in the presence of warts in the vagina, the fetus can catch condylomatosis during passage through the birth canal. In this kind of situation, the future parturient woman will certainly be recommended to use caesarean section. In the event that the location of warts is not on the vagina, the baby will in no case be infected with a very dangerous virus.

Danger to mother herself

Almost all specialists agree in the common opinion that the main danger of the virus for a future childbirth lies in a decrease in immunity. The thing is that during this period some chronic diseases may become aggravated, which, of course, is not good for the fetus itself. In this type of situation, doctors, as a rule, prescribe a set of drugs to strengthen the entire immune system. However, it is not recommended to drink vitamins alone. It should be noted that papillomas can also provoke the appearance of more serious problems, for example, thrush.

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