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Knives Cheburkova - an excellent solution

In the house of each person, of course, there are different knives. Good owners, when choosing them, pay attention not only to convenience in use, but also to high quality. An excellent option are, for example, knives Cheburkova. So, more.

Knives Cheburkova - famous models

This story began in 2003. Alexander Ivanovich Cheburkin opened his own workshop in Pavlovo-on-Oka. Since that time on the produced knives appeared a symbol in the form of a boat with the letter "H" on the sail.

The staff of the workshop works with various materials. Cheburkova knives are made from Damascus, forged and powder monosteels. For handles valuable woods and precious metals are used. Cheburkova knives are represented by fifty different high-quality models. The owner of the workshop regularly participates in various exhibitions. This gives him the opportunity to find new customers, and also to establish close contact with them. In accordance with the wishes of customers, the lineup is constantly being improved. Knives Cheburkova often took prizes and were repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards.

The result of painstaking work

In a word, these models are valued by craftsmen and collectors. Folding knives Cheburkova are not only the result of diligence, authoring developments and experiments, as well as a real work of art. For production not only the best steel grades are used, but also improved by a variety of chemical additives.

Flawless item

Pay special attention to the knife "Raven" Cheburkova. The design and design are thought out very competently, to the smallest detail. The mechanism of action also differs flawlessness. In work on them individual methods of heat treatment and forging are used. In general, for connoisseurs of high quality, such knives will be an ideal option.

Main advantages

So, any knife of Cheburkova's workshop has several main advantages. First, steel containing not only ordinary impurities, but also some alloying elements, specially introduced in the necessary quantities in order to ensure strength, the risk of brittle fracture, corrosion resistance. As these additives are used vanadium, nickel, chromium, etc. Secondly, the knives differ excellent cutting qualities, which makes them especially popular among hunters. Thirdly, they almost never rust. Light raid or small specks can appear only when the knife enters the alkaline or acidic environment. This happens, for example, if the tool is immediately sheathed after work. The thing is that the skin is soaked with various chemical means, giving it color and elasticity. Therefore, it successfully penetrates both the structure of the blade and the handle, leaving unpleasant traces on it. Thus, just do not forget that the tool must be stored separately from the scabbards. In the rest - some advantages!

The heart of the knife is his blade

In a word, the city of Pavlovo-on-Oka has long been famous for its blacksmithing. Cheburkova's workshop continues the work of great-grandfathers. Here talented and creative artists work, making real blades that strike with their harmony and beauty, eternal, strong, strong.

Each knife is the result of the author's work. They combine the best qualities in themselves - they cut perfectly, they differ in flexibility and hardness. The search for the most successful solutions requires many sleepless nights and doom. To date, there are many beautiful models that represent the corporate identity of the Cheburkova workshop, which continues the best traditions of blacksmithing.

Remember, the knife blade is his heart. These models have steel, strong, reliable. Each knife has its own recipe and secret. Here the skill of the master and his experience are very important.

And one moment. Everyone knows that a quality knife must be assembled with the latest technology. It is also important to fix the blade at the handle. The trademark distinctive mark of these knives is the "drowning" of the blade into the guard. This is an additional guarantee that the blade, while remaining intact, can withstand considerable loads. Handles are made of the most beautiful and persistent materials.

In general, Cheburkova's knives are magnificent models, which you will not have to regret acquiring in any case. Do not even doubt that you will certainly be satisfied with their quality. Beautiful long-lasting knives will faithfully serve you, delivering only great pleasure at work. Can be one hundred percent sure, this subject in the house is simply irreplaceable! Reviews knives are extremely positive, the owners are always happy with these tools. Moreover, it is not difficult to choose exactly what is necessary for oneself. A variety of models will make the right choice.

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