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Hematite stone. Magical properties and application

Bloodstone, as a healing and spiritual stone, has been known since antiquity. Hematite - a stone whose magical properties was appreciated by priests, warriors and healers of antiquity, and later - by alchemists, priests and other figures of the spiritual and magical world of the Middle Ages, enjoys insane popularity to this day. What is its peculiarity?

Natural talisman in history

It is not known which of the peoples estimated the hematite stone, the magical properties of the talismans from it, but it is for certain known that the Byzantines, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and many other ancient peoples used it very actively, and, in the good half, they were Religious activities. Thus, Egyptian priests and priestesses used it only during rituals and to connect with gods (for example, to call Isis, who did not have life force on earth). The Indians applied ocher on the body to the paint, which was made from hematite, so that the totem spirits would settle in them. Greeks, Romans and other nationalities also have not far gone from this channel, although they used it not only for religious purposes, but also for jewelry, which were talismans-charms of owners, helping to restore vital energy. In the Middle Ages, everything was much more prosaic, and hematite was used already in everyday life. He made jewelry, figurines, household utensils, but he did not leave this hematite stone (its magic properties) and religious pedestals. It was actively used in churches and used for magical purposes. But, as you can see, his appointment is only one thing - to add vitality to man. And from here - its pros and cons.

Hematite, magical properties. What you need to know in order not to harm

His name he received thanks to the Greeks, who do not give a drink, just to name something. In Greek transcription it sounds like "haymatus", which means "blood". Hence its common name - a blood. And where the blood - there is life force. Because hematite stone, the magical properties of which closely intertwined with The human circulatory system, helps to strengthen the vitality of the body and spirit of the owner of the stone. By the way, hence the dual nature of a pebble. On the one hand, it seems to be for good, but on the other hand it can bring chaos and problems into your life. How? Everything is very simple. If we take statistics, then many demon possessed people used the hematite stone, but not for the soul, but for the body. There is a difference, and a big one. Not "named", that is not marked by additional drawings and images, inscriptions, hematite magical properties only spread to the body. A huge amount of energy can attract the otherworldly entities that feed on human energy. Therefore, it is not worth the figurines, coasters and simple household items, which are made of hematite, to keep in your house. The appearance of such entities, in the first place, affects children in the form of nightmares, poor mental balance and many other psycho-emotional manifestations.

Rational use of hematite

At all times, knowledgeable people used it only for certain purposes. This stone gives courage, helps reveal talents, reach new levels of development. In addition, it helps the circulatory system to work. Due to the fact that the lion's share of the constituent components of hematite is iron, this stone will help improve blood quality, and also raise immunity.

To wear this natural amulet is contraindicated for children, hypertensives and pregnant women. The rest can wear it, but best of all in the form of jewelry, which is somehow connected with religion. That is, crosses from hematite, bracelets on which are depicted the faces of saints or magic symbols, runes. So your connection with higher powers will be strengthened and will not allow otherworldly entities to ruin your life.

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